Sunday, June 6, 2010


Gotta love D-Derby's! Oh the crowd that comes out when the D-Derby comes to town. Well I guess I can't talk much because me and my family were there, haha. But there is seriously never a dull moment when people watching...
This was Sophia's first time and called it the D-Berby. At first she didn't want to wear the ear muffs, but once she realized how loud it was, she didn't want to take them off. She had fun picking out which car was her favorite or which one she thought would win. She picked the pink or purple car every time! We also had fun cheering for car #80! Jason, TJ's cousin is the driver.
He won 1st place in the figure 8 race! YEAH!


Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Boy were all of us ready for this weekend! Every time we would mention camping Sophia would jump up and down. TJ had a softball tournament in Moses Lake, so we decided to make a mini-vacation out of it. I was off that Friday already and I took off the next Tuesday, so we had 5 whole days!!! We rented a bigger trailer this year because Christine and family came with us. But because we pulled the big trailer, we needed to borrow Papa's truck (thanks again)!
TJ used his new kitchen from his birthday last year. I highly recommend one of these because they're very handy.
In the trailer Lauren slept on the top bunk, Sophia and I slept on the bottom, Tyler slept on the table bed, and Christine slept on the fold out couch bed. And well TJ slept in the truck. I know what you're was not our idea, it was his. He was worried about keeping up Christine and the kids with his snoring, ha!
We got to play in between games...I just love this action shot!
The guys...But my hubby is the best looking;) They played really well. This tournament had a HORRIBLE rule about home runs. If you hit a home run then it counts as an out and another run for the other team. They got bumped out of the tournament on the second day because they lost by 2 runs. And the only reason that happened is because they hit five home runs and scored five points for the other team. SO FRUSTRATING to lose, but played a good game!
Kids gettin' ready for S'mores. Have you ever tried Reeses Peanut Butter cups in a s'more instead of just chocolate? It's actually pretty dang good.

TA-DA! Sophia ate a couple bites, but then was done. She would prefer everything separate.
We camped at the fairgrounds and during the weekend they were having a high school rodeo, so we watched it for a little bit. There were lots of horses to look at and even an elephant. Sophia says, "I'm scared of horses. I just like the little ones."
More fun playing with all the kids.

We got in some traffic on the way home, but Christine and I were just hoping we would make it to North Bend before they closed so we could get some good deals. We pulled in to the parking lot about 7:20, so we had approximately 40 minutes to shop...GO, GO, GO! We got Sophia some summer clothes and she suckered Daddy into buying her that hat. She is pretty cute in it though.
We were tired when we got home, but had a blast.