Saturday, April 28, 2012


This boy is food crazy. He is often saying, I mean screaming, "MO..MO...MO (more)!" So you can imagine what happens when we open the frig door!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy Easter

Easter morning was kind of rushed because we had 9 o'clock church...look what the Easter bunny brought them!
Out of everything in Kenton's basket, he was excited the most about his puffs! Sophia loves these too and they go through a can in like 15 minutes, so the Easter bunny brought her a can of her own, which she thought was pretty cool.

After the baskets came the Easter egg hunt. They had 30 eggs to find and the Easter bunny even knew Sophia liked Hello Kitty...what a surprise!

She had to search all around and even up high.

There were a couple obvious eggs on the floor for Kenton, but he cared more about eating his puffs. What a delicious breakfast:)

Sophia had fun checking out what was in her eggs. She had stamps, money, candy, matchbox car, etc. The Easter bunny was also quite cleaver and placed 3 eggs inside each other.

Kenton took a breather from his puffs and checked out an egg.

It's a tradition that we crack our eggs on our head. Because of early church, we had an amazing breakfast of Eggos, hard boiled egg, and juice.

After church I tried to get some cute pictures of them in their Easter outfits, but that was a hard task with Kenton. He just was loving being outside and wanted nothing to do with a picture.

Miss Sophia didn't have a problem posing, but had candy stuffed in her mouth already, hence the closed mouth smile. I love (and hate) Sophia's opinion sometimes. She was very picky about her Easter dress this year. I tried to talk her in to a couple, but she did not go for it, until she saw the lovely yellow skirt and sweater at Target. I wasn't in love with it, but after she put it on, I fell in love with it. She has good taste!

Here are my yellow kids. This was the best picture I could get of them together!

We headed to TJ's aunt's house to have Easter lunch with them. Kylie and Savannah both have powerwheels that Sophia had fun with. Savannah and Kylie can whip their cars around and parallel park with one hand they are so good! Sophia took a turn to drive and ran off the curb and into a little garden fence. She got better but I know now that I WILL NOT be teaching her how to drive at 16....scary!

The day was not over...We ended our day at my families house for more goodies and dinner. The kids got to have another little egg hunt and got baskets full of fun things there too:)

We had a lesson with Sophia about the true meaning of Easter and I was extremely blessed by it. We put eggs together with scriptures and objects that represent the words. The simple lesson reminded me of how grateful I am for my Savior. He was truly perfect and he paved the way for us through his resurrection.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Break Baby!

Spring break always seems to come at a perfect time. My second graders were tired, my own kids were tired, and I was tired of the constant going. We didn't have anything big planned, but we made sure we did something fun everyday! We slept in everyday, well Sophia did, watched cartoons, and ate breakfast at home with leisure, which is something we don't get to do during the school week. Our spring break was perfect for us. This is what we did...
MONDAY- Grocery Shopping (which was way overdue!) and played at the park by our house in the SUN (yes...SUN)!
TUESDAY- Made a fort in the morning and played at the new play place for kids in town. It was great because parents can play too for free and the admission is good for all day.

Kenton cooked

Drove the truck

And hung out in the ball area. This is where we were the majority of our time.

The bounce house was fun. Sophia loved following her cousin Tyler around. The question of the day was, "Mom where's Tyler?" It's good because he gets her to try new things when she's scared.

Kenton liked the bounce house as long as I was with him. He thought he was pretty cool jumpin like the big kids.

The big slide was my favorite. Kenton seemed to like it too. He was serious until he got to the bottom and then smiled.

Here are the girls going down the slide. The kids got tricky with how they went down as long as they were feet first.

We left to have naps, but then took TJ back when he got off work so he could play with us some more. After that was Blueberry icecream:)

WEDNESDAY- Played outside in the SUN (yes I did say there was sun again:)). We did a practice Easter egg hunt outside and got out many toys to play with. Sophia even thanked me for letting her play outside. Can you tell we have been outside deprived? Later that night Nama babysat and TJ and I went out on a date:)!

THURSDAY- Spagettie Factory for lunch and then the Children's Musuem in Tacoma. Did you know it is run by donations? I haven't been there since they moved locations. Now it's bigger and has a range of activities for the different ages. Peddling this bike made the wings flap above her.

The water was a hit for everyone. Kenton looked so cute in the blue apron, but it was big so I eventually just let him go for it.

Yup, more balls. Are you seeing a trend with this guy?! Balls are seriously his favorite:) I was very grateful "Teen" was with us because she followed Sophia and Tyler around, I followed Kenton around, and Lauren checked in here and there. It was quite the busy place at first, but then died down. It was neat and way better than it was before!

FRIDAY- BBQ at my brother's house with my side of the family. We ate yummy food and dyed easter eggs. Kenton kept trying to eat his, which was cracking me up.

Can you see his excitement that he has a crayon. He was watching all the other kids do it, so he wanted to keep up. Now he's concentrating

Sophia was into it too of course. She had 11 to dye (I cracked 1) and made sure that she did an egg for all of us.

And here are her final products.

SATURDAY- Easter egg hunt at the base. Best's FREE:) It's a great event!!! (Did you notice it was sunny again?)

We checked in and then got the kids baskets. They also got to pick lots of prizes from the tables. The prize tables were organized into age groups so the prizes matched the age interest. And I have to say there were some good toys too. Everything from stuffed animals, bubble wands, sippy cups, activity books, etc.

Kenton's age group went first. He kept trying to go before it was time. He was telling daddy that the eggs were out there and that he was ready to go!

TJ put him down when it was time and he was off. He just started walking really fast through the eggs.

TJ showed him what to do and then he got the hang of it. I was really impressed that he got so in to it:)

Here is Miss Sophia ready for her turn. Check out all those eggs behind her.

The amount of people around her made her a little nervous, so she asked if I could walk with her. I said of course, especially because I wanted to take pictures and there were a lot of people. She was a pro and filled her basket up!

They had to check out their eggs and see what they got inside. They got stickers, tatoos, and candy.

After that we went to their cousins 1st birthday party and ended our day with the true meaning of Easter lesson. Tomorrow is Easter, which means the next day after that is school/work. (Insert whine here). I am trying to spare you the whining from me, but I just love my time with my kids. I truly appreciate it and feel blessed to have had a great week. The count down to summer is definately on!