Friday, July 30, 2010


Don't mind the totally hand made potty chart. It was a Monday and I decided that we were going to start consistent potty training. She has done the potty thing at preschool and some at home, but not consistently, so we stole Ms. Shelby's potty chart name, "Potty Princess!" Every time Sophia would go pee pee on the potty she would get a sticker and we needed extra bribery for poo, so she got 2 stickers for that. Well, 1 1/2 weeks later it's full!!!
Quite proud!
Here she wanted to show her chart and her "underpanties" off. I didn't know what to call them...underwear? panties? Neither name stuck and I would switch back and forth, so she now calls them her underpanties! Those ones are Hello Kitty and we just bought new fairy exciting! (I am not a huge fan of character things, but if she wants them on her underpanties, I'm all for it there, haha)

She wanted her prize to be a trip to Chuckie Cheese, so that's what she worked towards. Tonight we took her to celebrate how well she has done. She had a blast and tried new things she has never done before, but still doesn't like "that Chuckie Cheese Guy!" up close and personal. We totaled up her tickets and she got 395 tickets (with mom and dad having some fun too). She picked out a sucker and hammer with her tickets!
We are very impressed at how well and fast she has caught on...She still has accidents if there's a lot of action going on, but with reminders she does awesome!!! Yah!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bye, bye crib...Hello big girl room

Sophia has never tried to climb out of her crib, but she has been ready to have a big girl room and bed. Since we are renting we decided to only paint one wall. Every time I asked Sophia what color she wanted to paint her room she would say, "PINK!" So, pink it is!!! She definitely wanted to be a helper...
TJ and I had the idea of adding another color, so it wasn't eye blinding pink. I love pink and green together!
TA-DA! We are quite proud of ourselves and love how it turned out!
Here she is...BIG GIRL!!! She is using the head/foot board I used when I was a kid (it's even older than that) and we bought her a new mattress. That green is the original green and is coming back. It works perfect in her room.
Proud girl! She has not had any hard transitions from her crib to her bed. Except there was one night when she got out of bed and walked half way down the stairs and fell asleep on the stair landing without us knowing until we went to bed late. It freaked us out! Then at 3:45am she woke up and needed a drink. She yelled for me and we found her downstairs with the lights on trying to get water. Such independence!!!
We are still slowly decorating her room. This is what I have up so far....more to come!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

10 Year High School Reunion

I just still can't believe it has been 10 years since TJ and I graduated from Olympic High School. I don't feel that old! We debated on whether or not to go to our reunion, but decided to go anyway (not super excited), but still went. Just think we started dating our senior year and still going strong...don't we look good?!
And here's the other reason we decided to go...Kimberly Ann. We decided together to just give it a go.
We all road together...Mark (Kim's boyfriend), Kim, Me, and TJ.

We ended up having a good time chatting with old friends. It was nothing too exciting, but we can say we went. I just wish more people were there. I could think of at least 20 more people I would have loved to see!

Sunshine + Hot Weather = Water

We are lovin' the nice sunshine! On the hot days we have spent our time in the water. We went to Point No Point to enjoy the beach with Mindy, the boys, and some of her friends. They had fun eating lunch, making sand castles, jumping the waves, and playing frisbee.

We have also spent a lot of time at my parents house playing in the sprinkler and floating in their 4ft pool. Sophia loves this sprinkler!

Bring on more sunshine!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Buffalo, and Elk, and Llamas,and Bears Oh My!

Gotta love Government jobs because everyone had the Monday after the 4th off, so we went to the OLYMPIC GAME FARM in Sequim. It was a first for me and it had been awhile for TJ and his family. TJ's mom and dad rode with us and Kevin drove his family. We were ready to go in...check out who's waiting for us...
These guys were hilarious. They would just stand there and NOT move like it was an assembly line. We were only allowed to feed the animals whole wheat bread. I guess they want their animals to be healthy.
The llamas were a little more bold and stuck their head in a little more. Plus TJ liked to get them in the car. We didn't get a picture of the Elk, but they were the scariest to me because they were so tall and got all up in the car. At the time of the elk I was feeding one and didn't have another piece of bread ready and TJ locked my window so I couldn't get it up!! AHHHHH!!! I was crawling in the middle of the car, squishing Sophia, and practically on TJ's lap. We were laughing so hard. He did that to his mom too, but she didn't think it was as funny, hahahaha!

These deer were cute and would continue to follow the car for bread. This one was TJ's buddy and stayed with him for awhile.

Obviously the bears were fenced in, but you could still feed them. Most of the bears would not even go for the bread if it was not thrown directly into their mouths. I think they were so full or just plain lazy/bored. We got this bear to do a trick and sit up before we gave it the bread. How can animals look so cute, but in reality be so mean?!
The buffalo's tongues are CRAZY LONG! Check that out. TJ liked teasing them to see how long they would stretch their tongue out before giving them the bread!
This is truly the finale...
I didn't really want to play with the buffalo, so I gave what was left of my bread to TJ's dad (which was not a lot). This guy thought he was part of the family...He kept coming closer in and in, but TJ's dad had no place to go. If he would have gotten any closer, the buffalo would have licked him! We were laughing so hard and of course TJ did not move the car forward at all. We were enjoying this entirely too much. TJ's dad said that he stunk really bad, hahahaha! AHHHHHH, I'm still belly laughing looking at this picture...
And if you aren't done laughing's another one...
After the drive through, we went to the petting zoo. Of course Sophia does not like animals up close and personal...notice there were no pictures of her feeding the animals. She sat in the middle consol between us and through bread out the window or on us if it didn't make it.
It's always nice to do something fun and new...Good times...

4th of July

I'm still trying to catch up on my blog...
4th of July, Okay well this is the 3rd...We did our annual fireworks in Poulsbo.
TJ's brother and his family met us there (that's not all of them)...
And so did my Kimberly Ann! She got her baby fix holding Quincy all night and Hollie loved it too:)!
Now moving on to the actual 4th of July...After going to a BBQ at a friends house, we headed over to my parents house where TJ did the lighting of the fireworks. Christine bought this firework, which turned into real excitement. It held up to its name!
The first shot was pretty and went up in the sky. The second shot knocked the whole thing under and shot under my parents car. The third shot came flying at us, but directly at my sister. All of a sudden my dad yelled, "Get up and run!" Meanwhile TJ runs up to the firework container and kicks in down the driveway and away from us. Thank goodness Tracy had a blanket on her lap because the third shot exploded on her. She didn't feel anything, but her blanket did!
We moved back after that excitement...Sophia liked the fireworks, but was a little concerned about her daddy the rest of the night. She kept calling for him and kept saying, "I'm okay!" What a sweet girl!

Uffens Vacation

Clearly I have been on a blogging vacation because I forgot to rotate my pictures before uploading them...I must have forgotten how to do it j/k. Anyway, at the end of June most of my family went to be the "PITT CREW" in Coeur D'Alene, ID for the IRONMAN! Yes, my uncle Craig did it yet another year. It was a lot hotter this year which took a toll on the athletes, but he finished and we're all proud of him. We all got the Ironman symbol tattoo. If I were Craig and completed the Ironman 2 years in a row, I would get a real Ironman tattoo! Huge accomplishment!
We then headed to the campgrounds, "Little Diamond" and stayed in the lodge there. We did lots of swimming. I love these tubes because Sophia likes to swim all by herself and this is one way she can:)
All the kids jumping in...
More jumping...
At the border of Montana and Spokane there is a bike trail called "Hiawatha Trail" where you ride your bike through pitch black tunnels and over bridges. The first and longest tunnel was 1.7 miles. The tunnels are black and cold, so bike lights are very important. This is what we saw when we came out of the first tunnel.
Sophia loved riding with me. My niece said, "Emmy if you fall off your bike, then Sophia is going to crash too!" Thanks Lauren, just what I needed to hear. Thank goodness no crashes!
We enjoyed more of the campgrounds fun...pool, ping pong, golf, etc.
We ended the trip with SMORES!

Thanks mom and dad for a fun trip to start the summer off right!!!