Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Over Memorial Day weekend, TJ had a softball tournament in Moses Lake so we took the opportunity to go camping. TJ found a really good deal on a trailer to rent...isn't it cute? It was the perfect size. Our good friends (Matt Fry and family) went with us, so us girls got the beds in the trailer and the boys stayed out in a tent. Our journey began in the lovely traffic over Snoqualmie Pass. It usually takes about 3 hours to get to Ellensburg, but oh no, not this time. It took us 51/2 hours to get there. There were cars overheating left and right on the shoulders. Thank goodness Sophia was a trooper..we kept feeding her fruit snacks, haha. We took a break in Ellensburg about 8:30pm to have dinner and met up with Matt and his family. We got to our campsite about 11:30pm. Nothin like setting up a tent in the dark. TJ looked dead sexy with his headlight on !The next day the team had 2 games so we went and cheered them on. We played at the park, ate chips (Sophia is a big fan of Baked Lays), blew bubbles, and played with balls while we were at the field. After the games we went to enjoy the lake, except for Sophia did not enjoy the water...not like the water??? So not my daughter! And she's in this phase of not liking grass on her bare feet so we hung out in our swimsuits on a towel. On Sunday the guys had a 9:10am game with a single elimination. Let's just say they lost with style (quite entertaining). But kinda good for the rest of us because we had the whole rest of the day. We went to "Surf in Slide" Water Park. It is smaller than Wild Waves but still really fun. Sophia's favorite thing was the small water fountains and my favorite thing was watching people biff while trying to surf. I hope you enjoyed the video of Zac (TJ's brother) and then TJ attempting to surf! Great weekend with 80 degree weather...Great company...Loved it! Now the count down is definitely on till summer!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tag...6th Folder, 6th Picture

Ta-da! I'm usually a party pooper when it comes to the "tag" stuff, but here it is just for you Shawna! This picture of Sophia was in the 6th folder and was the 6th picture on this computer...Enjoy her cuteness! That's the best type of laundry to me!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Red, White, and Blue

Hallelujah for a sunny day! We woke up, got ready, and flew to the Armed Forces Day Parade. Thank you sun for the enjoyable morning/afternoon!

Sophia started on TJ's shoulders with this look for while. She was checking everything out and after each band she would say "more!"
She was excited to use her chair like all the big kids. After about an hour it was time for a snack.
Papa Brown met up with us and Sophia talked him into walking around with her by saying, "come on..."
Here are a couple of Sophia's favorites....
And another (even though I think clowns are kinda creepy...)
And another...
We left about 2 hours into the parade, but it was STILL going. I think it was the longest Armed Forces Day parade I've ever been to. Man did it bring back marching band days for me (I can't believe I just admitted that, haha). For all those fellow Olympians...Mr. Williams is still representing Olympics marching band! But their outfits are still horrible! Anyway...
Thank you Armed Forces!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Happy Mother's Day!
This is my 2nd mother's day and it was a nice one! First, Sophia gave me the best present of all which was sleeping in till 9:40am, but it made us late for church...oops! We went to church and then spent the day at my parent's house, so the whole fam was together. The men made a wonderful and filling dinner for all the ladies!
I always like making something for my mom, so I put Sophia's hand print inside of mine and found a very true quote that I liked..."Mother's and daughters are closest, when daughters become mothers." My mom has always been a good friend, but we've become even closer since I've had Sophia. I love you mom!
While the boys made dinner, we went outside to play. The classic "spider" way to swing! weeee!

Sophia helped me open my Mother's Day gift from my parents. They got me stuff to get my feet ready for summer and had Sophia help paint a craft for me.
And they got me a pot that you can write on with chalk...pretty cool. Sophia drew a couple of lines, but TJ decorated the rest.

When we got home Sophia gave me presents from her. She got me a sewing machine! It's a little Sally homemakerish but I've had this weird urge to learn how. My mom is an excellent sewer and it's something I want to know how to do for Sophia. My mom actually laughed at me when I told her I wanted to learn, haha! I love the sewing machine already because it says... "SIMPLE SINGER!" I like simple...TJ has me sewing a dress for Sophia already...I don't think that's simple, but we'll give it a whirl!

I love this girl!
I am truly blessed to be a mom and have such a loving family! The gifts are great, but the card Sophia got me was perfect. It says, "Thanks for taking good care of me, for loving me lots, and raising me right. Thanks for being the perfect mom for me." I do love her lots and although I know I'm not the perfect mom...I'm the perfect mom for her! I hope all the moms had a wonderful day!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

More UW Baseball Fun

Yesterday was another UW baseball game at Safeco! Sophia got the best ride into the stadium and she thought she was pretty hot stuff.

Sophia ate yet another foot long hot dog and once her tummy was full she was ready to cheer. She loved cheering for her Uncle Caleb. She would yell "CCAALLLEEBBB" while pointing to the field. "I like to move it, move it" was her favorite song, but boogied to them all.
Okay, so when TJ goes to Safeco field he saves his money just to use it on food, but he was actually a little mild this time:
TJ's Menu:
- 2 foot long hot dogs
- 1 elephant ear

Sophia's Menu:
-1 foot long hot dog
- A couple french fries
- 1 chocolate covered strawberry
-1 licorice
- Mini M&M's
-Lots of water

I know! I know...Not the healthiest dinner ever, but Sophia knew it was her job to eat at Safeco so she could be like her daddy!

I was nice enough to share my "Shishka-Berries." That $5 is worth it and is one of my favorites at Safeco! mmm, mmm good!

So this was the 8th inning and the score was 6-0 Oregon. Caleb was up to bat and walked to start the rally. During that inning 4 runs were scored and it was looking good. They almost batted around...but the ball was popped up for the 3rd out (Man..I make a good announcer).

At third ready to go...First run in by Caleb. And the crowd goes wild!

Sophia got a game ball from the UW coach after the game...Dirty and grassed stained!

We were happy walking back to our car about 10:15pm UNTIL....
we saw our back window bashed in. We were trying to figure out what happened because NOTHING was stolen and it didn't even look like anything was touched. Come on..if you're going to break our window at least make it worthwhile and take something! The alarm could have spooked them or it could have been just a couple of morons "having fun". So we got the glass cleaned up and rode in STYLE to the ferry! WHITE TRASH mobile!

Money not wanted to be spent...the window will be fixed on Monday. So, if you see a Pilot with plastic taped to it, that's us!