Sunday, January 30, 2011

38 Weeks


"What's he going to look like?" (because I've had some pretty crazy dreams)
"Am I going to go into labor this time or have to be induced?"
"Is my water going to break while I'm teaching?"
"Is that a contraction?"
"Will today be the day?"
My due date is not until the 12th..2 weeks...yah, so I guess only time will tell! All I really hope for is a nice and healthy boy:)!

The Life

PLAYING DRESS UP ONE MINUTE (yes she asked me to take her picture and posed all by herself). What a pose!

Monday, January 17, 2011

3 day weekends rock!

I love having a Monday off (thank you Martin Luther King Jr.): Why?
1. Spending the entire day with Sophia and TJ
2. Going to Toys R Us to spend Sophia's gift card
3. Going to the park because it WASN'T raining or freezing
4. Taking Christmas lights off the house
5. Watching Sophia ride her new big girl bike
6. Dinner with my 2 favorite people at Red Robin and using our gift card
G-ma/pa Brown gave Sophia a new bike for Christmas. We debated between a 12"-16" bike, but she was practically too big for the 12" already and the 16" was a little big, but wouldn't be for very long. She rode the 16" bike in the store, so we went with it. Well, she got the bike and then decided she was scared of riding it, until TODAY!!!!
She rode it in our cold-a-sac, but it has a little hill, so we took her to a big empty parking lot. She started off with wanting me to hold the back and then by the end was telling me to let go if I tried! A little confidence and then she's off....What a pro!
SIDE NOTE: I have learned that girl clothes can truly melt your heart, whereas boy clothes are cute, but don't give the same effect.
BUT LOOK AT THESE...Are they not the cutest little sock shoes you've ever seen? They look like vans! Thanks mom:)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Baby Boy's Room

Let me give you a little background on the whole crib set. We picked out an animal, primary colored material for Sophia's crib set, which my mom made. We had the whole animal decor, pictures, crib set from bumper pads, blankets, pillows, etc for this reason...WHAT IF WE HAD A BOY NEXT? And wa-la, we are having a boy...Well no problem because our crib set is uni-sex. That is what I thought would happen until TJ found out we were having a boy. Our spare bedroom was decorated with the baseball theme (TJ's love) already and so his brain started ticking. TJ said, "What if your mom made us a baseball crib set?" I immediately said, "No, that's why we did what we did with Sophia's!" TJ didn't take that answer and put a little birdie in my mom's ear. She found some baseball material that was perfect. The background color matched the walls perfectly and off my mom went. All I have to say is TJ is a spoiled brat!

So with a little rearranging of pictures and beautiful curtains and crib set, we have our little boys baseball room. I should have zoomed in on the fabric because it's really fun. It has old school baseball hats, bats, gloves, and pennants.

You'll notice the lovely baby sign from my shower...That will be replaced with a name plate once we decide his name: Easton Curtis? or Kenton Curtis? Curtis is TJ's middle name and Sophia has my middle name. Plus TJ is deciding how to do his name with baseballs.

The bassinet is also set up next to our bed. Nightly I wake up and see it and think, "oh man, it's getting more and more real everyday!" I've officially hit the antsy stage:)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm Three and Filled With Glee!

This turned out to be the best day, not just because it is Sophia's birthday, but because my school was cancelled due to snow and I was able to spend the day with her and TJ had a 2 hour delay into work! THANK YOU SNOW:)
Sophia woke up to balloons in her room, which she remembered we did last year too.
Before TJ left Sophia opened her presents from us. She was sweet and asked why I didn't get any presents. I explained that today was her special day, but I thought that was cute!

The snow was perfect because I didn't have to go to work AND it didn't interfere with Sophia's day. For lunch we ventured out to Red Robin to use her free birthday meal coupon. She wanted the sundae, but not the singing that usually goes with it.

After Sophia took her nap, she came into my room and said, "I'm ready to go to Chuckie Cheese!" The top 2 choices for her birthday party was either Chuckie Cheese or Bowling. Chuckie Cheese made the final cut...

I usually like to make a cake that matches her birthday theme, but this year Sophia knew EXACTLY what she wanted and that was cupcakes. She wanted pink frosting with purple sprinkles for girls and orange frosting with blue sprinkles for boys. Oh, and a Starburst on top and I added the #3 on top.
Sophia had her cousins and best buddies from preschool come to help celebrate, so we had a total of 10 kids...perfect for Chuckie Cheese! All the kids ran around and had fun playing games. Here's Mollie driving away...

Time to eat pizza
Here are her preschool friends. I didn't get a picture of the Brown cousins because they ate so fast and were off to play.
Yes this is how she sat when it was time to sing "Happy Birthday!" hahaha. And she didn't blow out her candles, silly girl! Too much attention on her:) (so like me as a kid).
Opening presents...She got some very fun things.
This was the classic sketch picture from Chuckie Cheese, but I love the look it captured! This picture says, "I'm 3 and I know it!"
It is crazy to think that 3 years ago she came into our lives. It truly felt like yesterday and I replayed that day all day today! Sophia is very aware of what is around her, she picks things up quickly,and surprises us every day with the things she learns. We are truly blessed to have her in our family. Sophia is a fan of: singing songs (making them up lately), dancing (not when too many people are watching), writing her name/letters, playing games, macaroni and cheese, noodles, skipping, being a big girl, and much, much more. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE GIRL!!!
Side note: Our little guy is due exactly 1 month from today!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby Boy Shower

After Christmas I was blessed to have a baby shower for our little guy with close friends and family. Malynda, my friend from way back and Christine threw the shower with food help from others. Can you guess the theme?????
(My mom made the lovely sign)
More cute decorations (and I didn't get a picture of the food, but it also had the baseball theme).
We got a video monitor:) TJ wanted one of these with Sophia, but didn't get one, so he's very excited. Sophia and TJ have already tested it out.
We also got spoiled with a lot of adorable boy clothes. My sister-n-law Hollie mentioned that everyone at my shower knew me and my style because I didn't get anything ugly and that is SO true. No Pooh Bear or character stuff...YYYYEEESSS!!! hahaha.
We also got the sit-n-stand stroller that Sophia had to test out every time we went to Target. Sophia rarely sits in the cart or her stroller the whole time when shopping so this will be a perfect ride for her. She has been taking spins around the house!

and STAND...
I am very blessed to have such good friends and family! I feel very blessed and we are now ready for our baby boy to join us.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Happy New Year!!! Here's to happy things for 2011...
We brought in the new year in Seattle. A group of friends went to the Cheesecake Factory for a late dinner and then enjoyed the fireworks:)
While waiting for the Cheesecake Factory we were entertained by this sign. Good ol' Seattle. This sign was made by a bum who shared a joke with us. He reassured us that it wasn't dirty, just cheesy before saying it. What a respectful bum!
Mark, Kim, and Rachel (her and her husband had to separate at the table)

Chris (Rachel's hubby), TJ and me

It was cold, but the fireworks were pretty and the company was even better. I love you guys!

The Day We All were Excited For...


This is Santa's spread...I grew up with Santa's gifts not being wrapped and running to see what I got. TJ went with this tradition because he realized that Santa has a tough job:). Sophia's main things she asked Santa for were a pink guitar, cash register, and baby doll.

Evidence that Santa came to our house. The first thing Sophia said when she woke up was, "Is Santa here?" She seemed a little apprehensive because she loves Santa, but not up close. I reassured her that he wasn't here, but did come.

Yah a cash register!!!

And pink guitar! She jumped up and down with excitement. Those moments were priceless and made Christmas day even more special! Rocker girl:)

After playing and checking out what Santa brought her, it was time to open family gifts. Santa rocks and gives all the fun stuff. Mom and Dad just gave her pj's, game, and movie.

Daddy's turn to see what was in his stocking. TJ's favorite part is the stockings. Santa brought him practical stuff in his stocking this year, hahaha! Notice Sophia is right there to help! She did that with everything:)

Off to do Christmas morning with my side. The Uffens tradition is to wake up and meet on Mom and Dad's bed. The kids are ready to go. Notice the girl matching PJ's...adorable! Those pj's have turned into Sophia's favorite.

Here we are in the hallway waiting to run down and see what we got! (And yes, I still run!!!)

Sophia got loaded up! She got her Baby Alive. She was very particular and pointed to this baby every time we were in a store. This baby laughs, eats, drinks, and poos. Little did I know that I will be changing 2 diapers next month, haha! This baby will give Sophia lots of practice.

Time to drink...What a good mama!
Our day was not over. We went over to celebrate with TJ's Dad side and then back to my parents house for dinner. We are truly grateful for both our families and for everything they do for us, but we were all ready for bed at the end of the night!!!

Merry Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas with TJ's Mom's side of the family at his Aunt Kathy's house. Her house is on Kitsap Lake and beautiful! Alyssa, TJ, Jason, Kevin, and Caleb had a brilliant idea of jumping into the lake after dinner. Mind you, it was raining and freezing cold. The best part is that TJ squeezed into his cousin Alyssa's basketball shorts. Look how tiny she is, haha!
After the shin-dig we went over to Grandma/pa Brown's house to do Christmas with just the immediate family. All the kids were excited and Sophia waited patiently for it to be her turn to open the presents.
What could it be??? I think she was the daintiest gift opener;)
The last surprise of the night was for the girls. They both got new bikes! This is Sophia's first big girl bike with training wheels. She's getting more comfortable on it everyday.
About 10pm we finally made it back to our house. Sophia set up Santa's plate of cookies, milk, and big carrots for the reindeer. And yes, they had to be big carrots! Notice the attack dog protecting Santa's plate. We got that dog during the white elephant gift exchange at Kathy's house. I think we scored!!!
Sophia took awhile to fall asleep that night, but then Santa got to work!