Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kenton's 1st Haircut

Kenton had his 1st haircut: BEFORE / AFTER
When Sophia was a baby, TJ was very protective of her hair and did not want it cut. The past few weeks we have been saying that Kenton needs a haircut, but I found myself being the protective one of his hair this time. I loved my babies curls! I didn't want his haircut and lose those precious curls. BUT when 4 people in 2 days mistaked him as a girl, that motivated me to get his haircut. Our friend and very talented hairdresser cut his hair for the first time! (1st two pictures are from my cell phone....I was bad mom and forgot my camera or so I ended up being in my bag the whole time, ugh).

He sat still pretty good on my lap. I think the sucker has something to do with it. I am all about bribery in moments like these, hahaha. First haircut and first sucker!

Getting his haircut definately took his baby look away, but he looks good! TJ can't stop saying, "He's so handsome!" He is going to melt some girls hearts:)

We love our big boy's haircut! It still has some wave in it, so we'll see if the curls come back as it gets longer!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Hey Batter Batter!

She picked the number 4 because she is 4...duh! hehe

Sophia is starting her first year of T-ball. We debated on having her play because that would mean 3 years of t-ball, but we decided to have her play after talking with her about it. She wasn't too sure about it at first, but every day got more and more excited. Sophia is quite the perfectionist. She gets embarrassed when she messes up. She gets embarrassed when a lot of people cheer for her (too much attention) and when a lot of people tell her what to do. She is SOOO like me as a kid, which is why she needed to get on a team so she gets used to cheering, making a mistake when people are watching and being okay with it, etc. She got cleats, baseball pants, and her uniform and could not wait for practice to start. She had to put her uniform on for Grandpa Brown and her Uncle Caleb! She showed them how fast she could run:)

TJ and I talked about being okay with her just blending in the outfield just to get the "team" experience this year and prepared ourselves for some melt downs. Today was the day...Her first day of practice!!! She woke up wanting to wear her uniform all day:) When we got to the practice she seemed energized. TJ paired up the kids to play catch and Sophia was paired up with the only other girl on the team. She grabbed my leg immediately and I thought "here we go!" I stood by her to get her going and then she was fine playing catch by herself. Then it was time to run the bases (something she has done a thousand times with us at TJ's softball games). She had me stand by her and I ran halfway to first base with her and she kept going. She turned to go to second, when all of a sudden she fell to her knees and started crying because Coach Mike told her she forgot to touch 1st base. I had a chat with her about being brave and doing things to get better even when we're nervous, yadda yadda and she decided to try again. She still wanted me close, but continued to participate. The rest of the practice went well. She did the hitting stations and outfield drills. I thought maybe because she was the youngest on the team that her skill level would be a little lower but that was not the case! She held her own!

After practice she told me she had a lot of fun. She said, "I was nervous at first, and then I wasn't!" Tomorrow is another practice so we'll see what her comfort level is. She just needs reassurance and practice to get comfortable and then she's golden. The first game might be interesting though, haha! It's fun to see her playing after watching her cousins play for so many years. Crazy to think we are getting in to the busy sport stage....BUT I LOVE IT!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Love This

I sometimes contemplate moving Kenton to the other side so it would give Sophia more room and so it would make it easier for her to buckle her seatbelt, BUT then I wouldn't get to be a part of these moments. Sophia is truly so sweet (most of the time) with Kenton. She likes to hold his hand in the car, give him his binkie, play with him, and when she falls asleep it's always on his car seat. PRECIOUS MOMENTS! (P.S.-We are totally working on the sucking her thumb thing...ugh!)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Valentine's Day

(This post is a little late)

We had a Valentine making party the weekend before Valentine's Day. The one's for my second graders said, "You Won Me Over" with a gold medal. Thanks to Pinterest, Sophia chose the glow stick and said, "You make my heart glow." And Kenton's said, "You make my heart spin" with a top. I just absolutely love hand made Valentine's and these were quite easy!

Before we left for school, Sophia and TJ surprised me with 2 charms for my bracelet. 1 was red for Kenton's birthstone (I already have 1 for Sophia) and the other was a baseball to remind me of my hubby:)
First of all, TJ and I said we weren't going to get each other anything because we were going to Oklahoma at the 5th Avenue later in the month. I just did something dorky so it didn't count, but he did not listen. I got him his favorite donuts and said, "I donut know what I'd do without a hubby like you!"

We did the Valentine fairy tradition with the doorbell ditch at my parent's house. Sophia was so excited to see what she got.

Kenton had to check it out too.

All the kids have a pillow pet, so my parents got Kenton one, except they got him the fluffy bear. Mind you that Kenton is not a huge fan of stuffed animals so he was scared of it at first. It was rather entertaining watching him.

I always look forward to my dad's famous heart shaped oatmeal cookies. They are the BEST!

Kenton thought so too...

Lots of love at the Brown house!

All Aboard!

How often does a show off the Disney channel come to little ol' Bremerton? VERY RARE! So I couldn't help buy Sophia a ticket to go to Choo-Choo Soul, so we had a daddy, mommy, and Sophia date.

"All Aboard the Choo, Choo train, all aboard, the Choo-choo train..." "A, B, C, D, E, F, G..." It was so much fun watching all the kids get up to sing and dance. The stage wasn't anything spectacular, but they did a good job keeping the kids going. Lots of interaction with jokes, teaching the kids how to beat-box with letter sounds, etc.

Look who came out the door right by our seats! I have to say, he may be on a cheesy Disney show, but he really is talented.

It took Sophia about a song to feel comfortable to get up and dance and then she went to town. Shake it!

Now we have the CD and the songs get stuck in my head.