Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our last 4 days off of work together...


TJ was bummed that he didn't go play football with the guys. It was the first time in like 10 years that he didn't play on Thanksgiving morning, so he played some football on his PlayStation with Sophia. We went to TJ's parents house about 1:30pm and had Thanksgiving with his Dad's side. It was nice because they hadn't seen Sophia is a while. She was a little sensitive with all the people. Then, we went to my parent's house at 4:30pm and ate again. It was really quiet, which is weird because it was my brother's off year. Sophia did all her tricks and entertained my Grandma. She loved the mashed potatoes and rolls. By the end of the day we were all stuffed and ready to roll around.

Friday morning shopping itinerary for my Dad, TJ, and I (it's a tradition)!:

-Woke-up at 3:00am.

-Left my parent's house at 3:30am

-Arrived at JCPenney's at 3:45am

-Entered JCPenney's at 4:00am and grabbed what we wanted (my dad was very excited about his Belgian waffle maker-those actually went fast).

-Left JCPenney's at 4:30am and sped off to Walmart.

-Arrived at Walmart at 4:45am. The parking lot looked okay, but the line kept going and going. It went clear to the back of the store and looped back to the front. My dad and I were good and waited in line, but TJ hung around and "merged" in the line when the doors opened (doors opened at 5am)....don't you want to attack people like him, haha. TJ had everything grabbed by the time we got in. We got Sophia a couple of Christmas and Birthday toys!

-Left Walmart by 5:45am and headed to Target.

-Doors opened at 6am and we walked right in. We got some games/DVD's and some other stuff. Target was the most controlled and organized. We didn't even have to wait in line to check out!

-Left Target at 6:40am and went to Home Depot. My dad got his yearly tool collection and we tried to get a fake tree for my brother but they were out.

-Left Home Depot and headed to Sears and other places in the mall.

-We then left the mall and made our way quickly to Lowes (the new one in Silverdale) and Circuit City.

-Our last destination was Fred Meyer and Kmart. I am now reminded why I never go to was a mess and smelled bad, haha!!!

-Time! We were done by 10:25am with 9 stores hit!!! SUCCESS!!!


This was one of our early morning purchases at Walmart. It was only $10 and we couldn't wait to give it to Sophia because we knew she would use it now, so it was an early Christmas present. We wrapped it up and when Sophia took the first rip she said "uh-oh!" We thought that was funny. By the look on her face she was excited for a new toy!

Watch out now...Baby on the move...She cruises all over the place and needs no help. She gets mad when she runs into things because she doesn't have the steering down quite yet...This was a great purchase!


After our crazy shopping in the morning we went to cut down our Christmas tree at Bacon's tree farm. It is out towards Belfair. We went with Grandma, Auntie T, Auntie Christine, and cousin Lauren and Tyler. Sophia wasn't too sure about all the trees at first, but then she warmed up and did a lot of "whoa" talking.

We finally found our tree. I am super picky, so we were the last ones to cut one down, but it was worth all the searching. Our tree is 7 ft tall (the biggest tree we've had so far)!

Sophia found her tree...just her size!

TTTTIIIIMMMMBBBBEEEERRRR! TJ was in charge of the saw and cut down 3 different trees.
There our tree goes through the machine to wrap it up, so it's ready for its travel home.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm 10 months old!!!!

Now that Sophia is crawling, she loves going over to things and pulling herself up. TJ and I thought she was going to skip crawling and go straight to walking because she loves standing and hated being on her stomach. She will let go of things and stand all by herself for 5-20 seconds. She also has been into holding onto our fingers and walking (a little on the drunk side), but very cute. Of course she smiles when she does it because she is quite proud.
We're parents of a 10 month old...ahhh! We can't believe she's almost a year! With 10 months old came crawling (2 weeks ago), pulling herself up on things, taking DVDs off the rack (guess we have to start baby proofing now), a girly attitude with arching of the back, red face and fists (oh yeah), saying "cute", and lots more personality!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sick Girl

Little Sophia is sick sad. I can officially say I am a mom because I have gotten thrown up on four times today. Gotta love that! TJ is getting really good at checking her temperature with the thermoscan (first time out of the package). She hasn't had a high high temperature, but has been very out of it. I can say I've enjoyed all the cuddling though. So there's no church today, lots of pedia-lite, and lots more sleep and cuddling. It's a greasy hair, pajama kind of day.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Let's Twist Again!

Sophia was a 50's girl for Halloween. Because TJ doesn't like Halloween he said he didn't want to buy one, so I made it, haha, but my mom had to help me sew. We went "trunk-or-treating" with family and TJ and I enjoyed Sophia's candy!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Daddy's Girl

We were all getting ready for church and TJ wanted to match his baby girl, so it's a pink and brown day. This is an experimental post. I am attempting to create a blog with Kim's help...thank goodness!!! Bare with me...