Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sugar Cane Train

So the scooters were a highlight, the Sugar Can Train was definately not. Our total to ride was like $64 and so not worth the money. I imagined going through the sugar cane fields and learning the history of it...well not the case. We road one track to Lahaina and the same track back. Same scenery going and coming. The kids liked it, but most of them fell asleep at some point. TJ had riden it when he was a kid. I asked him why he let us waste our money and he said, "It was a lot different when I was 6!"I will just say that I've done the Sugar Cane Train and don't need to do it again.

This was the most exciting part...whoa a bridge! ha!

Friday, December 30, 2011

North Shore

We rented scooters to drive North Shore, but before we left we gave all the kids a turn.

Here is the real scooter gang (Zac with Janice on the back, Anna, Caleb, Jason, TJ, and I). I felt like we needed T-shirts or something.

As we scootered up North Shore we stopped at some look out points that were beautiful. Here are some of the sights:

The boys...

This is what we scootered up. It was funny because TJ and Jason could fly (65mph) going on a flat road, but once they hit a hill they were passed by all. It was so funny to watch them putt up the hill. Mine would only go 45mph on flat road.

It was so windy up at the top that Zac was being held up

The highlight was the blow-hole and I loved this sign. It was very clear and to the point.

But you can tell the boys don't know how to read

After getting close to the blow hole, they had to peak over the edge and get wet

This is where we had to climb down to close to the blowhole. It was fun in flip flops and Caleb's sandal got broken!

I definitely have to say that the scooters were a highlight and favorite of the trip. And the best thing was that after having them all day, when we went to fill the tanks with gas it was only $2.60. Very tempting to get one for TJ to drive to work:)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

More Swimming

The waves weren't as big, so Sophia gained some confidence going deeper in the ocean. She had a few tumbles. She would forget to stand up and the wave would crash on her. She would stand up with big eyes, but she kept going out:)

Kenton has been loving balls lately, so he played with daddy in the sand

Like my float? The kids let me borrow it, so Kenton got to go out deep too. Notice Mollie and Sophia together again!

Some of Sophia's cousins were getting buried, so TJ started a hole for Sophia.

Sand monsters...

When Sophia escaped from her hole, she had sand tights on her legs.

TJ and his brother Kevin were sitting here. Hollie and I saw it at the same time and ran for our cameras. Cute picture!

Monday, December 26, 2011


Shopping day in Lahaina! We had to stop at Cheeseburger in Paradise before we started. We were so full that we didn't even eat dinner that night. TJ got the souvenir changing color cup.

I had to take a picture with a pineapple because we have a picture like this of Sophia about 3 years ago. He loved it, but kept biting huge bites off so he got mad when I took it away.
Sophia had fun posing with the Banyon tree. I will spare you all the pictures she wanted me to take of her. Here are some of my favorites...

I took this one myself

Sophia took this one for us

One more...

Sophia had saved her money since the summer and saved $50 to spend. She had fun picking things out for her cousins, aunts, nama and grandpa and she knew what she wanted to get them when she saw it. I would give her ideas and she would say, "nahhh"! She bought one thing for herself at the very end.

Merry Christmas One More Time

It was funny, I wrote "Merry Christmas" 3 times and every time the waves would wash it away before we could take a picture. Finally, the 4th time was a charm.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS (I think...)! I only say that because we celebrated our Christmas before we left and when it's warm and sunny it doesn't exactly feel like Christmas. We started off with breakfast at the Gazebo again.

See it is Christmas...Sophia has a candy cane.

TJ and I wrapped a few little presents to bring with us. She got the Toy Story Gang.

(Sorry, I forgot to flip the picture) We then went to Flemming Beach where the big waves are to do a little boogie boarding.

Mollie and Sophia are quite the buddies. They liked to jump the waves, but not going to far without holding a hand.

Yesterday Kenton didn't like the sand on his hands, but he got over that today.

He loved the water and would yell at it every time a wave would come.

Having no fear...crawling right in.

Kenton even got a turn to boogie board

Yummy! (He already gave us a sandy poopy diaper)

Another perk of Hawaii is their fresh fruit. TJ picked some lemons off the tree at our condo. They smelled heavenly!

And bananas...We have our very own monkey!

I will post our Christmas at home when we get home (it takes too long to upload the pictures here). MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!