Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall Festival

I like to make my kids Halloween costume so we started talking about Halloween last month. At first Sophia said she wanted to be Spiderman. I said that we could make a red tutu to make it a little more girly and she said, "Uhhhh mom, Spiderman doesn't wear a tutu, that would be Spidergirl!" The day after that she thought of EXACTLY what she wanted to be with no help from me and it was JESSIE from Toy Story and Kenton would be WOODY! My girl is so cleaver and might I say she makes a pretty darn good Jessie! I cut out the pattern for her chaps, my mom sewed them (thank you, thank you), and then I made the rest. Tonight was my school's Fall Festival so we got to try out the costumes:)!

 I didn't want to spend a lot of Kenton's cowboy boots, but they are expensive. My mom found the PERFECT Woody slippers. The only pair for $10 at Walmart in his size...good find mom:) While the boot slippers are adorable but you would have thought we were killing him when we put them on. He threw a fit so I had to get a picture of it!
 He starting getting used to them, but had to have his "dough" (aka binky) for awhile for comfort.

We got to my school and bought tickets to set out for some fun!
 The kid's preschool teacher (Mario) does the cake walk every year, so of course Sophia had to check it out. And guess what...she won! Thank you Ms. Shelby for rigging it for her to win:) She picked out a red velvet cake...good choice!
 Then is was dancing time
 And digging for candy
 My good friend who is also a teacher signed up to have wet sponges thrown at her..what a good sport!
 The library had the Book Fair set up, so Kenton made himself comfy and started reading.
 Golf time and he even made it in the hole:)
 This was funny and was called "Ghost Poop". You had to put a marshmallow between your legs and jump to the bucket and then let it go. I had to do this first before Sophia would try it, but she did it:)
Fall Festival was so much fun and as a matter of fact Sophia said she had the best, best, best time:) It is crazy to think that next year when we go she will be an actual student there!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Maris Farms

For the past 2 years we have been saying we wanted to go to "Maris Farms," but have never made it there so we decided to make it a goal this year. We went on Todd's birthday, which was nice to think about him while we were there because he would have loved it! Gosh I miss him! Anyway, we got there and the sun was out, but it was really cold and Sophia wanted to ride a pony right away. This is huge for her, seeing as though she is still afraid of most animals. Her pony's name was Sally May!
 Kenton did not want to ride on a pony, but made sure he watched "yah yah" (that's what he calls Sophia). He kept pointing to her and made sure I knew what she was doing!
 The under ground tunnel slide was Kenton's favorite! Once we sat down he counted, 1, 2, 3 to go and laughed all the way down...

 We didn't get to ride on the monster truck but had to go look at it up close...The tires are HUGE!

Pointing out the pumpkins

Next up was the pedal carts. Around and around they went...

 The bouncy mat was my favorite and Kenton and Sophia both laughed the whole time. As we would jump, we would randomly get launched by other people which was quite the surprise!

The corn maze was huge and you could pick different games to play while in it.
Kenton fell asleep half way through so I got my workout!

 You know those gray clouds I pointed out. As we were on the tractor ride the rain started falling. And within 2 minutes was pouring buckets and at one point starting hailing a little. You would think we were in a good spot because the tractor was covered...OH NO! The wind picked up on our 2 mph ride of which we were stuck on. We will just say that we were all sopping wet!

 After we got off the tractor we ran for the covered barn as well as everyone else at Maris Farms. We hadn't gotten to the pumpkin patch part of the farm yet and Sophia wanted to pick one out. We left Daddy and Kenton in the barn while we braved the down pour (my dad ran and got our umbrellas thank goodness). Sophia spotted this pumpkin, but looked a little more and then she came back to this one and said it was the one. I love this picture because it's a true WA pumpkin patch picture. 
 We picked out a little one for Kenton so he could have one too:)
I love that even though it rained, I got to spend time with family and that we still have fun no matter what. Happy Birthday Todd...we love and miss you!

Sunday, October 7, 2012


On Monday, Mr. Kenton had to get 5 stitches in his chin. I got the call when I was teaching from his teacher saying, "I think Kenton might need stitches!" Oh great is what I thought. This is how the story goes: Kenton was running outside on the pavement and fell (which is nothing new...we call him twinkle toes) and Sophia was running right behind him. She tripped and fell on top of him. When I tell people what happened Sophia wants me to leave that part out because she feels bad. Anyway, Kenton cried but not for very long and I guess it didn't bleed that much either. He was up and running around after it. His teacher wasn't totally sure, but had a good feeling that stitches needed to happen. I called TJ and he came to pick him up and sure enough....5 stitches! I am so glad that TJ took him because he said that I probably could not have handled watching them put the hook in his chin, which is SO true.  They came to my classroom afterwards and it was like nothing happened, except for the band-aid on his chin. He was climbing on chairs and benches in my room and was quite proud. They put nylon stitches in, not dissoluble and so he got them taken out on Saturday. All we have to do is make sure that we keep Polysporin on it for scarring. I hate that this happened to him, but love that it didn't slow him down! He officially did something first before his big sister! 

YUCK! Now they are out and it looks much better!

Sophia Sews

Sophia has been asking to sew lately and who better to teach her than....certainly not me....but her NAMA! I don't have very much patience when I sew, so I didn't think it would be a good idea if I taught her, ha. Yesterday, we went over to work on sewing Halloween costumes, which made it a perfect opportunity for her to do it. Sophia sewed a blanket and a bib for her babies. I didn't get a picture of the final product, but she did a good job.

As I was sewing Kenton's Halloween costume I learned that sewing things with curves is not my forte. I'm much better at straight lines, hahaha, so the master herself had to take over!


We have always gotten away with sharing our frozen yogurt when going to Blueberry with Kenton, until two times ago. He knows the process when we go and got royally mad when I tried to share with him. So this time, he was quite proud that he got his own cup and goodies on it. I swear these days he has to keep up with everyone and do what everyone is doing! He is quite the big boy!

Notice he wouldn't stop eating for a picture. I think he was afraid he would have to share;)