Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hey Batter ,Batter

This picture was at the end of my blog but I accidentally deleted it. Does anyone know a trick to insert photos in a specific spot? Ahh that frustrates me! Anyway picture this picture at the end...
We spent our weekend watching TJ's brother, Caleb play baseball for UW. We wore our purple and Husky gear to show our UW pride (expect I forgot to take a picture of all of us in our shirts...Sophia was adorable)! Sophia loves the ferry boat rides and can spot the car racing games from miles away. Look at her style. Miss pimpsta driving...
The fun continued on the ferry when TJ fed our left over french fries to the seagulls. All the kids around thought that was great!

And Sophia even wanted to try it, which totally shocked me. The seagull swooped in so fast that I couldn't get a picture of her holding the fry. After she realized what happened, she ran to me and started crying, hahaha! I was proud of her for at least trying it.

Sophia is quite proud of her Uncle Caleb and cheered him on.

We actually got to wear our sunglasses for part of the game. She is starting a new fad...glasses upside anyone? She ALWAYS puts them on like this and says she's a "cool" girl!

After a long weekend and in the 7th inning, Sophia fell asleep to the sweet sound of baseball (which by the way is SOOO not like her). She fell asleep on my lap sitting up, with her sunglasses still on, but I made her more comfortable. I think my right arm got stronger for it! And TJ caught me a free shirt (thank you size M) that Sophia sported as her blanket!

She woke up just in time to say bye to her Uncle Caleb. UW lost against Fresno, but we had a good time! (Go back to the top picture...ha!)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

I always have to make something or do something corny for TJ on Valentine's Day. We were keeping it quite simple because V-day was on a Sunday, but I still wanted to surprise him with something. So I taped this to our bedroom door (he got home late Saturday night to find it)...
Good ol' Post-Its! We have a large blank wall that we haven't done anything with in our bedroom, so I wrote things I love about him on all the post-it notes. Everything from having a nice butt, to being a fun daddy!
We also did the Valentine's Fairy with my family on Sunday. The fairy doorbell ditches and leaves V-day goodies on the porch with my dad's famous and oh so delicious heart shaped oatmeal cookies! Boy do I love traditions:)!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Will You Be My Valentine?

Sophia is having a Valentine's Day party at her school tomorrow. I wanted Sophia to be a part of making her Valentines and since she can't write she colored over all 16 cards. She also helped put the candy fish in the bags. It's so much fun having her get into holidays. It's also been "wear what you love week" at her school and her teacher said to let them be unique and creative. Every day I have asked Sophia what she loved to wear and she always said, "Jammies," so she has worn jammies to school all week. I am totally jealous!
Here are her Valentines: Simple, but cute!
Sophia's teacher, Ms. Shelby is trying really hard to eat healthy and has been staying away from sweets, so we decided to give her a healthy Valentine!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


When Sophia was a baby I pretty much decided for her that she was going to like a binky because I knew that it was easier to get rid of in the future than her thumb. The only type of binky she liked was the ugly hospital one, so we went with it (even though I really wanted the cute kind, ha!). Well...Sophia has been only getting her binky in bed for a long time now and has been fine with that until recently....She has 3 cousins who suck their thumbs and a couple of kids at her preschool and she has been smart enough to catch on to that. This is probably what she was thinking, "Why do they have their thumb in their mouth? I guess I'll try it, but I'll suck on my pointer finger instead. Ohhhh wow, that does sooth me like a binky! I'll suck on my finger now when I don't have me binky." Seriously, she's 2 and she's now sucking on her finger! Isn't that a little backwards? In the mean time I was trying to figure out what to do. I noticed that she sucked on her finger more when she was in the car and tired, so I started to give her the binky in the car because I didn't want that finger in her mouth! One day she threw her binky in the car and we forgot to bring it inside. That night TJ went to play basketball with the car and the binky. Oh great is what I thought, but Sophia didn't even really question it because she had her finger to fall back on. She has been sleeping without her binky for about 5 days and asks for it occasionally. We explain that it got lost and we can't find it and she's okay with that answer. Bye, bye binky. But in the mean time, her finger was still being sucked and it really bothered me. Over the weekend I talked with Sophia about it a lot, but not a huge change was happening. When I dropped her off at her preschool Monday I told Ms. Shelby about the binky being "lost" and about the finger (which she already knew about) so she could help remind Sophia about NO FINGER. When I went back to pick Sophia up Ms. Shelby had her tell me something. She told me, "Sleep with no binky and no finger!!!" Hallelujah! I asked Shelby her trick and she told Sophia a story about a shark with sharp teeth and that she doesn't want to put her fingers in her mouth because they might get hurt. I didn't get the full story, but if "shark teeth" works, I'm in! We are only 2 days in but there has been no binky or finger! Hopefully Sophia will continue making this an easy transition. She said she wanted a soccer ball, so we made a deal...No finger=Soccer ball! I am all about deals with this kind of stuff!!! I do have to say that I am lucky because there has been not big fight about it (so far...keep my fingers crossed)!!!