Monday, February 28, 2011

Family Pictures

We have always gone to JCPenney's to do Sophia's pictures and needed to do Sophia's 3 year old shots, but was not too impressed with Penney's last time, so I thought of my best friend who likes to take pictures for fun. These pictures are taken by the one and only and very talented Kim Russell. We were her first official "clients" and she did great. SHE IS OFFICIALLY HIRED! Sorry Kim, we're coming to you again:)
Sophia's 3 Years Old

Classic mischievous 3 year old look

Since we were taking pictures of Sophia, why not some of Kenton too.
Kenton 1 Month Old

Proud mama

Proud Daddy
I am one lucky girl to be blessed with such a wonderful family!
Kim you rock and are very talented (get ready for Kenton's 3 month pics, ha). Thank you so much! I owe you big time:)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some Firsts

My baby is already a month old tomorrow. I don't know why, but I am really emotional about that. He is already growing so fast! He is growing out of his newborn clothes and moving into 0-3 month. Sigh.
Some of his firsts so far:
He is still sleeping in our room in his bassinet, but I laid him in his crib for a nap one day. First time in the crib lasted about 15 minutes, ha! First time in his bath tub.
He doesn't mind it until he has to get out. He does not like being naked.
First Ferry Boat Ride
The first time Sophia rode a ferry was when we went to my Aunt Sarah's wedding and Kenton's first ferry ride was going to my same Aunt's new house in Seattle.
A couple shots of Kenton at my Aunt's house. She gave him his UW sweatshirt, which says a lot since Craig, her husband is a Cougar:)
Sorry Aunt Sarah, I had a picture of you and him here, but it got deleted some how:(
Sister couldn't be left out
And many more firsts to come...

Love is in the Air

Since I'm not working for the rest of the school year, our budget is a lot tighter, so we talked about not doing anything for Valentine's Day this year. No dinner, no gift exchange, etc. But then I asked TJ if we could at least get a Papa Murphy heart shaped pizza and he started laughing and said, "I think we could do that!" Oh the little things that excite me. We actually enjoyed the pizza with my family.
My families tradition is the "Valentine's Fairy" where my Dad makes his famous big heart shaped oatmeal cookies and other little gifts and candy are given. The goodies are given when the Valentine fairy doorbell ditches! Sophia got to answer the door to see what she got:)
Kenton got stuff too!
Sophia checked out her goods a little closer.
Kenton's first Valentine's Day shirt thanks to my mom.
This girl adores her little brother!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our New Addition

Let me introduce you to the newest member of our family, but first let me tell you "the story of his arrival!" During the end of my pregnancy I was having a lot of dreams about my little man, but one dream stood out to me. In this dream I dreamt that I was going to have him on the 31st of January and thought he couldn't wait 1 day so he could be a February baby (Sophia is already a January baby).
The morning of January 31st, 38 weeks pregnant, and 2 weeks early I was woken up at 2:30am with cramp-like feelings. Not sure what was going on I went to the bathroom and went back to bed. Those "cramps" were causing me not to be able to lay down or go back to sleep. At 3:30am I called the hospital and the nurse advised me to take a bath to see if the contractions would either slow down or stop. The bath did nothing, but I still thought it was all in my head because of my dream. The contractions continued to be closer together and more intense as time went on. At 5am I called back and a different nurse told me to come in. I called in a substitute (because remember I was suppose to teach for 2 more weeks) and called my mom to come over. TJ loaded up the car and we got to the hospital at 6am. A nurse brought me into a little room and checked to see if I was dilated. She had a perplexed look on her face and told me that I was already 5 cm dilated, but she wanted to double check. Yup, 5 cm so they admitted me and took me to a different room. TJ and I looked at each other and said, "This is crazy!" The nurse was trying to put in my IV's and blew 2 blood vessels, so another nurse came in and got it right away. That process was probably the longest out of the whole day. I was wanting an epidural, but had to wait to go through one bag of saline for hydration before I could get it, so 30 minutes later I got an epidural. About 8:30am my water broke on its own. At 9:00am my doctor came in to see me. He barely looked at me and said, "Okay we're going to deliver right now!" Once again TJ and I looked at each other and said, "This is crazy!" I was belly laughing too!. At 9:15am I started pushing. I did one big push and his head was out. The doctor suctioned his nose and mouth and told me to do 2 more little pushes. After those 2 little pushes he was out at 9:21am: 6 minutes!!!! I know, I've been told multiple times that women hate me for that. Believe me I feel very lucky and blessed for my birthing hips:)!
And now what you've been waiting for:
Kenton Curtis Rickie Brown
Weighing in at 8 lbs 8 oz and 21 inches long
(Can you imagine what 2 more weeks would have done?)
At the hospital
Proud big sister moment! She walked in the room and immediately said, "Where is he?" She is in love with him. Little brother gave her her own camera as a present to take pictures and this one is from her camera:)
Forget the hospital beanies that don't stay on, he had to sport the UW beanie (thank you Aunt Sarah)
We kissed him the minute he was born and haven't stopped kissing him since.
Sophia jumped up and helped burp him
Sophia really wanted him to take his binky, but still is not a fan. I'm trying to make him like it because he wants to eat ALL THE TIME!

Going Home:

At Home
Getting ready for his 1st wipe down bath. Check out his skinny legs (sorry I forgot to flip the pictures)
Yah he didn't like it

Still happy at home

Every night Kenton cuddles with Sophia in bed to help tuck her in. The only transition for Sophia has been during bedtime. Because we are all together in the other room, she feels left out causing her not to be able to go to sleep right away.