Sunday, February 9, 2014

I Promise: Last post on birthdays

We do monthly birthday dinners at my parents house and there are 3 birthdays to celebrate in my family, 2 of which are mine (sorry Mindy). So they each got more presents to open. So spoiled and blessed!
When the kids turn 3, my mom always gives them an "Over night" theme present: little suitcase, sleeping bag, big blanket. She made Kenton a Thomas blanket and pillow and it has been on his bed ever since.
Yay more clothes! I swear she grows so fast and so often, so I love it when she gets clothes!!!
Who says you can't do a pinata in January! My parents have a loft up above which is perfect for pinatas!
Dig in!
This year wasn't cake, it was yummy bakery donuts! Donuts are one of Mindy's favorite.

We then celebrated both kids at Red Robin:
They have to use their free burger coupon!!! My parents, mother-n-law, and the Bergdahl family joined us after Sophia and Jackson's bball game for a late dinner!
Sophia covered her ears (She would have cried a couple years ago, haha and Kenton was shy and laid his head on the table while they sang.
But he was all about the ice cream!

My Baby is 3

We had been watching this four wheeler at Costco for months now. Every couple weeks the price would lower and then on a fluke we were there and it was the lowest we've seen it and wouldn't ever be able to match that price. TJ is also re-living his childhood through his own son, hahaha. He always wanted one, but never got one, haha!
Watch out, crazy driver!
For his birthday party he wanted to have a Mickey Mouse bowling party. He takes after his sister when it comes to knowing how he wants to celebrate his day. We rented two lanes for an hour at the base bowling alley, which was perfect.
Kenton didn't get bored the whole time. He was ready to bowl every time and lasted through 2  games.
 This is his friend Mack from church:
 And this is his friend Olivia (I've been friends with her mom since junior high)
 Seriously people, get past the skin color and look at how much they look alike? I love these boys:)
 After bowling it was time for Mickey mouse cupcakes:
This boy loves blowing out candles. 
 A couple friends couldn't come, but here is the group that helped celebrate Kenton's day:
Sophia, Miles, Jackson, Olivia, Kenton, Mack, and Quincy
 Kenton is pure joy in our family. He is the greatest mixture of crazy boy, one who tests, one who cracks us up all the time and one who loves and cuddles so much!

Here is his 3 year old interview with me:
1. What is your favorite color?  Blue
2. What is your favorite food?  Cereal (he seriously has been on a cereal kick lately)
3. What is your favorite toy?  My train
4. What is your favorite sport?  Soccer ball
5. Who watches you?  Ms. Sarah
6. Who is your best friend?  Tyler
7. What is your favorite song?  Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam
8. What are you scared of?  Nothing
9. What is your favorite TV show?  Bob the Builder
10. What do you want to be when you grow up?  Santa

Phrases that he says that I love:
* Mickey Donalds (for McDonalds)
* Hangaburger (hamburger)
* Oop-see-daisies
* It's coldy (for cold- that one is thanks to Ms. Sarah;)
* Sorry mom
* He uses /w/ sound for /r/ sound (so really is wheelie)
* He uses /s/ sound for /c/ sound (so cars are sars)
And many more but that's all my brain can think of right now...

Sophia is 6

Sophia had a couple ideas for her birthday party this year, which she came up with all on her own, but this one was the winner. This idea was inspired by "BLUEBERRY" frozen yogurt place and was so easy for me to put together.

 She invited Miles, Mollie, Jackson, Quincy, Averie, Tyler, Jackson, and Kendall. We played a couple ice cream games.  Here is "catch the scoop on the cone."
 Then we played "pin the cherry on the sundae" and then they threw darts and tried to pop the balloons on the sundae (no picture of that game).
 Then it was ice cream time. We had toppings galore...gummy bears, nerds, captain crunch cereal, m&ms, reeses, chocolate chips, cherries, oreos, all types of sauces, and more

Sophia is 6 and that's hard to believe. She is learning so much and it's fun to be a part of.

 Here is her 6 year old interview with me:
1. What is your favorite color?  Hot pink
2. What is your favorite food?  Lasagna
3. What is your favorite toy?  My stuffed animals
4. What do you like to do outside?  Play in the snow
5. What is your favorite sport?  Baseball
6. Who is your best friend? Tyler and Jackson Bergdahl
7. What is your favorite song?  Families Can Be Together Forever
8. What are you scared of?  Dogs
9. Favorite Movie?  Strawberry Shortcake
10. What do you want to get better at?  Playing basketball
11. What do you want to be when you grow up?  An artist or waitress

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Sophia and Kenton got the cookies for Santa and the carrots for the reindeers ready and then off to bed they went!
 Did Santa visit our house? We waited at the top of the stairs to find out while Daddy got the camera ready. Ready, Set, Go and down the stairs we ran!!
 Holy moly...a Barbie house!
 And a train set!
 We each got each other gifts which was my favorite part because Kenton and Sophia seriously thought about what to give each other, shopped for it, and then wrapped it. It was so fun!
 After our morning at home, we headed over to my parents house to do Christmas morning with them. Christmas morning at my parents is still seriously one of my favorite things. We always pile on my parents bed (this year was the guest bed). This always make me think of Todd because even though he hated his little sister getting him out of bed, I think he did truly love this tradition!

 And then we run down the hallway!
 We are truly spoiled and blessed!
I love, love, love Christmas!!!