Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Halloween

Before I go into Halloween, here's a quick snippet of pumpkin carving. Kenton was happy as can be hitting the pumpkin with a spoon. We put his hands in the pumpkin guts, but he didn't care for that.

Sophia was all into scooping the guts out all by herself. We didn't take a picture of their finished masterpieces, but Sophia wanted her pumpkin with circle eyes, triangle nose, and teeth smile. She then painted hers and Kenton's. She made Kenton's pumpkin look like him with blue eyes, nose, and mouth.
INTRODUCING PINK AND WHITE POLKA DOT MINNIE MOUSE!!!! My original plan was to sew her dress, but my mom started it for me and then finished it, hehe. It turned out to be a good thing because she had to do a lot of alterations to it because the pattern was huge and I would have had no clue what to do. We think someone took the child pattern out of the package and left the adult part because her small 4/5 was huge at first! Good job mom!


This was probably one of the easiest costumes I've done. I bought a $1 black beanie, added felt ears, cut out felt white circles and glued them to red shorts he already had. Pretty darn cute if I do say so myself:)

Oh how they love each other:)

We did the annual "trunk or treat" at our church parking lot. It is absolutely perfect for the kids. Here's the gang (cousin's on the Brown side...only missing a few):

Mickey and I walked together for awhile. He was a good sport but I think he was wondering what the heck was going on ,haha

Miss Sophia knew what to do...She was done after an hour, which was perfect for me:)

The fun didn't stop. We went over to Grandma/pa Uffens house for pumpkin shaped pizza (thank you for Papa Murphy's) and they got more goodies there...

He was excited about his books

Check out her loot! It filled a gallon sized bag and I'm trying my hardest to stay out of it!

Look what Kenton got. He didn't need anything to eat, he just loved the noise of the wrapper. I didn't have him fill his pumpkin with candy because we didn't need anymore! Oh and check out his pumpkin. My mom did a good job there too! Now he has one like sister (but his is a boy one)! Happy onto more holiday fun:)

Thanksgiving and Christmas I am totally excited for you!