Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Did you know that cabbage has multiple purposes?

I've learned something new about cabbage, but before I tell you what it is I'll explain something first. I hope this isn't TMI for you, but seeing as though all my readers are majority (or all) girls I think it will be okay.


With Sophia I was not a huge fan of it, but did it anyway. I couldn't do it for very long because I went back to work early. I knew that I was going to nurse with Kenton because it's better for him, yadda, yadda. This time around I actually really enjoyed it. I felt very bonded with him and felt very important that I was the only one who could give him this nourishment. A couple weeks ago Kenton started going backwards with his sleep (waking up every hour, etc), so I was wondering if I was giving him enough. Talking with my mom made me realize that maybe my body was not making enough for Kenton because of the "stress" or "worry" I have been dealing with him. I don't necessarily feel stressed, but maybe that's how my body is handling it. So I started the hunt for the bottle and formula (sad face inserted here).

So what does cabbage do?

Cabbage can be used to help with engorgement and stop the production of milk. I don't have enough milk to fill him up, so it is the end of breast feeding for me (I keep telling myself that it will be okay!) Yes, I am sitting here with cabbage in my bra to let my body know that it can be done making it. I will never look at cabbage the same, haha!

P.S. Kenton slept 5 hours straight last night, so I think he's a much happier and fuller boy with formula!

Monday, May 23, 2011

My Kids

Mr. Kenton is starting to get stronger...

He is enjoying sitting up...

He is also scooting and wiggling around...I have to be careful where I leave him laying now. I can't leave him on his bouncer chair without using the buckle. He moves quick too!
I can't get enough of brother and sister pictures...What's even cuter is that Sophia asks to hold him all the time and asks me to take a picture:)
Sister was playing cowgirl and included brother too...yee-haw!

I love my kids and love being their mom:)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kenton's Challenge

It's been a hard couple last days because we have been worrying about Kenton's eyes. First let me give you some background. There is an eye condition that runs in my family called, Nystagmus, which is involuntary eye movement from side to side, which effects eye sight. The women are the carriers and it skips every other generation. My great grandpa and his 3 brothers had it and my uncle had it. Well, because it skips generations my brothers didn't have it. I'm a carrier and we found out today that Kenton has either "congenitive motor nystagmus" or "congenitive night blindness" (which is in the nystagmus family). Either one he has, the treatment is the same (glasses, surgery, etc).

About a month before I was due with Kenton my mom and dad talked to me about this condition and told me the possibility that Kenton would get it. They said that I would be able to tell right away if he had it. As a newborn, Kenton's eyes did not act abnormal, so I thought phew, he didn't have it. At his 2 month check up I expressed my concern to his pediatrician about his lack of locking in on objects or people. He would respond to them, but not follow them. Kenton was not making eye contact. She said that it could be still developmental, but to watch it. A couple weeks later I noticed still no locking in and noticed more eye movement from side to side. For example when people see his eyes they say, "Wow, look at him, he's trying to take it all in!" Basically it looks like he's over stimulated. Feeling that "mama" feeling, I called his pediatrician and explained what was happening. She referred me to a pediatric opthomologist. We got an appointment and of course had my dad come with me (my dad is an optomotrist for those of you who don't know). was the appointment (thanks to others cancelling and letting me get in early). The opthomologist did different eye exercises with Kenton. Some Kenton responded to, some he did not. He also dilated his eyes and told us that his eyes developed correctly and are healthy, which is a great thing. He also said that Kenton is seeing (I knew that though) but probably not as good as other babies his age. How much less, we don't know due to his age. He referred us to a doctor in Portland to do a "ERG-Electric retinal graph" on him. No one in this area does it on young babies. This test can possibly show us nothing, but it could also show us something. The way I see it, the test results are a starter point. It can be used to compare as he gets older to see if changes or what changes take place. Once we go, have the tests, and results, we will meet with our opthomologist to see the next steps. Being proactive parents, TJ and I wanted to know what we could do to help Kenton right now. Is there any exercises we could be doing? But, unfortunately there is not because he is so young. Do you see a trend??? It's hard to find things out on babies! But it's also hard for me to do nothing! I guess my job right now is to do more research because I am still learning about it.

Also, the thing to do right now is to love him and not treat him any different! I know he sees and responds to people he knows! His smile, babble, and giggle has me hooked. I have friends that are dealing with FAR WORSE things with their children, so I can't help think, "Emily, if this is all he has to deal with, then you can't complain!" BUT, he's my baby. I want him to be healthy. I don't want him to have to struggle in life. TJ reminded me that Kenton chose this life. He knew what we was going to go through, which is why I pray that he will have a strong personality. TJ and I are his parents. We are positive people and will do what we can to help his succeed.

(p.s.-I can't help HATE my genes right now!)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

I love Mother's Day. I love that TJ makes me feel special and tells me that he is so lucky that I am the mother of his kids (he tells me other days too). TJ and Sophia made me breakfast in bed and brought flowers with it too. We were late to church because of it, but it was worth it. They also surprised me with diamond stud earrings! I usually have an idea what my gifts are, but this time I was totally shocked that I just can't wear them yet. I know that sounds crazy!

I feel extremely blessed to be a mom. I know what love feels like, but never knew how much I could love someone the second I saw them. It's a love that I would never exchange for anything. I love Sophia and Kenton so much and I'm learning that I am one protective mama, so don't mess with my kids, ha!

And of course, I can't forget my mom. I think I love being a mom so much because I have the greatest example of what a mom should be like.. a wonderful one! My mom is loving, involved in our lives, willing to help out with anything, and makes things fun! I owe my "mom" qualities to her! Mom...I love you! I also can't forget TJ's mom. I am also lucky to have her in my life. I especially like her jokes, hahaha (TJ will roll his eyes at the comment;).

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

3 Months Old

Kenton is 3 months old already!

He found his hands!

His newest tricks are: eating his hands, clasping his hands together, and belly laughing.

He is a lover of: his mommy, eating every 3 hours at night, being in the Baby Bjorn, smiling when talked to, and having a conversation:)

He Hates: the car.

(I put a video of him belly laughing and talking with me on facebook because it wasn't working on blogger, so check them out there...If you're having a bad day I guarantee they will make you smile...pretty dang cute!)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Little Swimmer

Proud moment:

Sophia passed her Preschool level swim lessons and graduated to ADVANCED PRESCHOOL! Oh yeah! She has a new teacher and is still excited about it so we are keeping her in to get more practice.