Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Splish Splash

Last night Sophia and I were wandering around and getting things ready for the next day. I watched Sophia go into the bathroom, so I did a quick mommy check..."toilet seat down, dryer/straightener out of reach, check...shower curtain closed, check" and then went on my way. I was in Sophia's room when I heard "splish, splash!" At first I thought it was the sink water, but then I thought "oh no, she can't reach the sink!"...Sure enough, Sophia got the toilet lid up and was having fun splashing in the toilet...thank goodness for flushing! I greeted her with "oh, we don't play in the toilet, it's yucky," as she is looking at me with a big grin and clearly proud of herself. We immediately washed her hands. So lesson learned, "bathroom door closed, check!" (until she figures out how to open the door, hahaha).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter!

Sophia started off so nice coloring her egg...but then...
Angry Sophia came out...All she wanted to do was play in the cups with colored dye. Could you imagine that flying everywhere...I took it away...what a mean mom! So, her first egg dying experience lasted about 4 minutes. Off to bed for a nap she went after this.
TA-DA!!! I think TJ had fun putting his egg in all the colors to see what new color he could make.
Add Image Pretty girl! Grandma Brown bought this dress for her awhile ago, so we decided to use it as her Easter dress. It has 1 layer of twill under it and she would not let me put the dress over her head. She was batting at it and I was laughing hysterically. So through the legs we went. She liked it once it was on and did a little dance to show off.

This was my attempt to take a family picture.

Then I got smart and asked my cousin to take it for us...much better

We must have been good because the Easter bunny left us some treats. Did you know that I am famous??? There is a kids book with my name. The title is "This Bunny Belongs to Emily Brown!" It's pretty cute.

The Uffens tradition is for all the kids to meet at the end of the hallway for a picture. Then we all RUUUNNNN down the hallway to see what the Easter Bunny brought us (we do the same at Christmas). I don't know if it's because I'm the youngest in my family, but I'm still all over the hallway tradition...RRRUUUNNN, I was knocking down all the j/k! So here is the hallway picture for this year (the "big" kids got out of it), but we were missing Ethan and Nolan!
After we did Easter brunch with the Uffens family, we went over to TJ's Nana's house to visit with his family. We love Nana!!!
We ended our day back at my parent's house for dinner and then rolled all the way home...

Saturday, April 4, 2009


TJ's brother Caleb plays baseball for UW, so a huge group of us went to cheer them on! They played at Safeco field and the roof was open because it was not raining (I know, it's amazing)! Kids also got a free UW '09 T-shirt. They gave one to Sophia, but it's really going to be mine. I'm afraid by the time she grows into an adult small, Caleb won't be playing there anymore, haha. The final score was 3-1 Arizona State, but we still had a blast!!!

Yes, there was a FOOTLONG hotdog in that bun, but Sophia ate it ALL! TJ is quite father, like daughter!
Christine, Tracy, Lauren and Tyler wanted to come too. It was the first time Lauren and Tyler had been to Safeco Field. Little did we know they'd get a free T-shirt out of it too!
This was before the game started, so Sophia was having fun walking back and forth between the seats. Her Great Grandpa is in the background.
Feeling like a big girl in her seat...munching on some of her bun.
Proud brother is his purple get-up and look Matthew is in the background!
Once the sun went down, it got pretty cold, so Sophia got nice and bundled up! She wasn't too sure about her mittens at first, but she kept them on:)
After the game they let the kids run the bases. Sophia did not want to miss out. Here she is...already rounded second and approaching third base. scored in!
After the running of bases we went to talk to Caleb. He ended up not playing, but we are still proud of him, especially Sophia!
Tyler and Lauren wanted his autograph, so they had him to sign their poster.
And Tyler even had Caleb sign his glove. Better hold onto that signature. It might be worth something some day, hehe! As we were standing there, a little girl came up to Caleb and asked him if he was the one that went to CK High school. He said, "yeah" and then she responded with, "You are the best one!"...PRICELESS! Sophia wants to be like her Uncle Caleb...Great form!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good Playing and Good Company

Still loving spring break (but it's going too fast)...
Today Grandma Uffens, Auntie Tracy, Auntie Christine, and all Sophia's cousins (on my side) went to the Children's Museum in Tacoma. Sophia loved it because she got to roam and I loved it because I got to let her roam. It had the vegetable garden, market, and art center, but had a Native American theme at the other stations. The biggest surprise was when I turned and saw Shawna and Darby walking in! The girls played together as much as 1 year olds do (an occasional pass the toy and follow each other), but they did it very nicely. It was fun having the girls together and makes me want to do it more often!

Going fishing
In this cave you got to change the sunset lighting...Sophia just liked walking in and out of it.

Now she's shopping for fruit and vegetables. I tried not to think about how many mouths have been on that's good for her immune system right?!

Ohhhh this was a highlight...Picking apples from the apple tree. She picked them all off and brought them to me.

Attempting to share a sandwich with Darby
As the little kids took all the vegetables...Ethan and Lauren were busy organizing all of them. Lauren got annoyed that Sophia kept taking them, haha! Gotta love younger cousins!
If this is not a concentrated look...mouth open...focus...and color. Grandma let her have markers. She was in heaven and feeling like a big girl!
Row, row, row your boat...
You should have seen Shawna and I trying to get both the girls to look at us at the same time. That's a challenge and you can see I was not very successful, but it's still cute!
We were sad to leave Shawna and Darby, but after we played we were hungry. We ate lunch at the Spaghetti Factory..mmm mmm good.

And this says it all...WE PLAYED HARD!