Saturday, March 26, 2011

We Found a Winner

I love binky's, but I thought Kenton would never take one. He is such an eater, that I wanted him to take one so bad because I knew it would sooth him. I went to the hospital with the one that Sophia took and he took it for like 10 seconds. So what did I do??? I bought every style of binky there was on the store shelf. I couldn't find all of them for the picture, but you get the idea. Once again, I thought it was a lost cause because he wouldn't take any for more that 10 seconds and he is almost 2 months old.

One day last week I was doing my hair and heard a sucking noise coming from Mr. Kenton. I peaked around the corner and sure enough he found his thumb and was totally enjoying it. I already have one that loves her thumb (don't get me started on that because she loved her binky too) and don't want another thumb lover. So I said to myself, "If he likes to eat, and likes his thumb, then he likes to suck." That made me give him a binky one more time and he took it for more than 10 seconds!!! YAH! The rest of that day I continued to give it to him and now he likes it. DRUM ROLL PLEASE...

The winner of all binky's is...

the MAM Brand!

Thank you Mam Binky. I love you!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kenton's Special Day

On Sunday, February 27th, Kenton was given a name and blessing by his daddy at our church. The blessing was very special.
I made matching daddy/son ties, which turned out so cute (thanks to Megan's pattern) and my mom made Kenton's white collared shirt, white pants and Sophia's skirt. When Sophia heard that I was making the boys matching ties, she wanted something matching, so we went with a skirt. Unfortunately Sophia was in a "mood" when pictures were happening, so there is no picture of her matching twirly skirt.
Even though I didn't match, I had to have a picture with my boy! Love him!
Such a little man!
These are the men who participated (Nate, TJ, Mike, Mark, and my Dad)
These next pictures are of everyone who came and supported Kenton and our family. We can't tell them enough how much we love them and appreciate them coming.
TJ's Nana:
4 Generation Picture with GG and my mom
My Parents
Sister-n-law Christine and her family
Brother Nate and his family
Best friend Kim and Mark
TJ's Grandparents
Haven't gotten enough of this cute boy yet? Here's one more picture of our Mr. Kenton. We love him so much and we are very blessed to have him a part of our family!