Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hey Batter Batter...

I'm sad because I took pictures on our nice camera of Sophia throughout her T-ball season, but I lost the camera card...AGAIN...ugh! So this is what I got...
Sophia made it through her first year of T-ball. I would say perfectly, but I would be LYING! She had great moments and break-down moments (which we expected). Once again she was the youngest on the team, but we wanted to get her in an organized sport so she got used to people cheering and doing things out of her comfort zone. Her first game was AMAZING. She hit, ran the bases, and was down and ready in the field, which blew TJ and I away, so we thought the rest of the games were in the bag. The next two games were the opposite. She would go up to bat and just stand there. TJ would have to escort her off. While TJ was extremely patient, I wanted to hang her by her toes. Family would come watch and she would do NOTHING and would cry! I finally had to play "bad guy" and told her that I wasn't going to let anyone come if she wasn't going to do anything. I almost told some family to go home during a game and that was a turning point for her. All of a sudden she started hitting (oh yah, she's our lefty hitter), running the bases, and being ready in the field. She even played catcher twice and all of this was with a smile!!! It was so much fun watching my daughter playing (weird to think I have a daughter old enough to play and that she was not on the side lines watching like usual). There were a couple games mixed in there where she was emotional and would cry because she did something that embarrassed her, but she would turn her attitude around and make it through the game and end it with a smile. Overall, she did it! She did something for the first time and stayed with it! Can't wait for next year:)
Every time she would run the bases, she would hold on to her batting helmet with both hands....so cute!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mother's Day!

I had a nice Mother's Day, but first I'm going to talk about my mom:  How do I put in to words how much my Mom means to me. She is my best friend and is the perfect mom for me. She has taught me so much and has showed me what it takes to be a good mom. I am grateful for her in my life and am grateful that my kids get her as a grandma. I love you mom!
Yup, even at 29 I love to sit on her lap!!!

In the afternoon we went over to TJ's Grandparents house for a nice BBQ, then headed to my parents house for  dinner. 
This was one of the best gifts I got...A nap with my sweet boy while TJ and my Dad made dinner. 
We had a yummy dinner...steak, corn on the cob, potatoe bar, caesar salad and more. Kenton did not want his corn cut off the cob. He wanted to eat it like everyone else and ate a full one!
I wanted some pictures with my kids.We ended up not being very serious, but had fun!
Being a mom is such a blessing! My kids are my number one and so important to me. I feel honored that I was chosen to be their mom and teach them as they teach me. I am definitely not perfect and have good and bad days, but each day is worth it:) LOVE YOU MY SOPHIA and KENTON BOY!

Mother's Day Tea

(I finally figured out how to use this new blogger to post, so I'm a little behind).
The day before Mother's Day, Sophia's preschool had a Mother's Day Tea. She was able to invite "Special Women in her Life." We kept it simple and she invited her grandma's, but Grandma Brown couldn't go. The day was beautiful so it was outside!
Here is Sophia with her teacher Ms. Shelby and friend Kendall
We were suppose to wear a fancy hat. Notice I'm a bah-hum-bug because I don't have one on. Sorry don't own any hats like that!
Here is the lovely food table in front of Sophia's preschool
2 years ago Sophia was scared and shy and didn't make it singing all the songs. She had to come sit down with me. Last year we weren't there because I was on maternity leave and this year she was completely confident. She was excited, sang loud, and did all the actions to go with the songs. It's amazing what a couple years will do!
That's right, Sophia shook her hips the best and got the lowest to the ground.
L-is for the way you LOOK at me O-is for the only ONE I see....
After their lovely songs, Sophia passed out all the presents she made . She painted a pot with a flower. I love this girl! I just realized Kenton wasn't in the picture. He painted stuff too, but was busy walking around:)
She made a necklace for her "Nama"
After presents came food! Her best buddy is sitting next to her. Jackson is going to Kindergarten next year, so it's going to be a sad day. She has made some good friends at preschool!