Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lake Chelan

I didn't think we had any other trips planned for the summer, until TJ's parents asked us to go to Lake Chelan with them and we said, "OF COURSE!" This was our last sha-bang and it was in the 90's and beautiful. We stayed about 20 minutes outside of Chelan in a 2 room condo on the golf course at Desert Canyon. It was nice!
We stayed 3 days, 2 nights and Sophia was in the water every second she got. The pool was so nice, even at 9:30 in the morning:)
 TJ's family friends were also in Chelan and they stayed right on the lake so we went there to hang out and swim. Sophia was quite the dare devil and jumped in off the railing with no problem. The water felt so good:) She also loved their pool because it had a slide. This girl swam so much that by the end of our last day she was in tears because her eyes stung so bad from the chlorine.
We stopped at a little store off the side of the road called "Apple Works" and watched how they make apple cider. They also made their own DELICIOUS ice cream and the best donuts!


Monday, August 27, 2012

Outside Work

This was an adorable moment. Kenton loves the lawn mower and heard it outside. He kept pointing outside and babbling so I knew what he was trying to tell me. I opened the blinds and he immediately climbed up on the couch and from there climbed into the window seal to watch Dadda mow the lawn. He told me all about it too...
 Next on the list was to wash the car. Kenton loved the soap and kept saying, "bubbles!"
 Not only did our cars need washed, but theirs did too!
 Gotta love outside work as a family on a nice day!


Sophia visited the "Kids Dentistry" for the first time and man can I say I wish I had a dentist like this as a kid. Talk about fun! 
A little video game action in the waiting room
Nemo needed his teeth clean too!
Yes that's right, she's watching a movie on the ceiling and did it in style with hot pink sunglasses.
She was a pro at the cleaning, but not a fan of the x-rays. Who is? I always gag when I get them done, so I felt bad for her. She got a little teary eyed and made sure I was in sight during the process. Unfortunately she had 1 small cavity. Man I felt like such a bad mom when the dentist told me...SHOOT! Our next step is to be better at flossing. I've got to get some of those fancy and way easier flossers!  On Wednesday she gets some happy gas to get that cavity taken care of. We'll see how that goes!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

18 Months

Our Kenton boy is 18 months old...my baby a year and a half! Can't even believe it and he sure has his mama around his finger:)

Here are his stats: 24 lbs (25th-50th %tile) and 33.5 inches tall (75th-90th %tile)

And here is a little bit about our boy:
  • He is all boy!
  • He loves balls (and gets in a stance before he throws one)
  • He loves cars and trucks (points to big trucks as he sees them on the road).
  • He says mama, mom, Dada, hat, go, ball, up, oh, wow, cheese, yah, uh-uh (no), hot, ow, eez (please), but really starting to mimic more words.
  • He is a really good climber (thinks he's cool when he stands on top of the toilet or when he climbs on top of the chairs and then the table).
  • He loves his blanky and his binky.
  • He is a good cuddler.
  • He follows sister around and loves to be with her (monkey see, monkey do).
  • He loves to drive the car.
  • He throws EVERY THING (awesome when its balls, not awesome when it's food at a resteraunt, ha).
  • He likes to feed himself, but becoming more picky on what he eats.
  • He folds his arms when we pray
  • He loves to dance 
  • He likes to take pictures.
  • He loves to talk on the phone, especially to dada.
  • He has really good hearing (points out anything he hears outside: birds, cars, planes, etc).
  • He would play outside all day if he could.
  • He loves to tackle (watch out if you are laying on the ground because he will dog pile you).

And that's our boy! We couldn't imagine our family without him and we absolutely love him!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Point No Point

Point No Point is the perfect spot to go when it is super hot! We went there with TJ's parents and his brother's family. It was so nice to go and just relax. There was definitely a temperature change from the water up to our spot. 
TJ buried all the kids in the sand (took a picture of all of them but for some reason it didn't show up). 
Then Jayden got to work and dug a hole for Jackson to stand in.
There  he is. So weird to think he's upright.
Crazy girl got in the water...brrrr!
Love this picture of Mile's kicking in the front happy and Sophia getting his splash in. her face is hilarious.
Apparently Kenton forgot he went to Hawaii in December and loved the sand because he decided that he did not like the sand on his feet this day. He would not walk on it or leave this blanket. It was nice and annoying at the same time.
I made him stand down by the water. You can tell he would not let go of my hand and that he is not happy because he has his binky in!

We got to check off Point No Point off our summer list! I love this place!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Woodland Park Zoo

Sophia and I made a summer bucket list and one of the things on it was to go to the zoo. I was telling my Aunt Sarah about it and she said that she was a zoo member and could get free admission tickets to the Woodland Park Zoo. Of course we were excited about that, so last Saturday we spent the day with my Aunt at the zoo. It was a perfect zoo day, not to hot, not to cold. So bare with me through these pictures (someone needs to show me how to collage on the computer) and enjoy the animals:
This was the first thing we saw when we got in the zoo...it made me laugh!
Hippos. As we were looking at them a zoo keeper came by and told us that because they look like rocks, some people step on them and then the hippo can bite them and  can really hurt the people, etc, etc. All I was thinking was, "Don't scare my children!"
One of my favorite!
Kenton did not like the statue...he thought it was real! I found it very entertaining:)
Another one of my favorites. This guy was flinging dirt on himself.
Sophia and Aunt Sarah
These guys were hilarious. They had these mesh sacks that they played in and hid in. He peeked about to say hello and then went back in...so funny.
Here are some more cute monkeys;)
Big brown bear...He was in a pacing mood.
Holy cow...I would seriously not like to run into him. Totally out numbered.

Check that rack out!
TJ tried putting Kenton on a horse but he would not have it...He was much happier sitting.
Aunt Sarah and Sophia rode together
I told you! He is not a fan. SO FUNNY (Sophia was the same way at his age).
This bear was a little funky. I think he needs a make-over.
Kenton took a little snooze
I think the flamingos and the birds were Kenton's favorite.  Of course he liked all the animals from a distance.
This was more his style...Driving the tractor!

 Thank you Aunt Sarah for the fun day at the zoo! We can officially check that off our summer bucket list!!!