Sunday, June 30, 2013

Start to Summer

The first couple days of summer had the craziest minute it was raining with thunder and lightning and the next minute it was sunny. It would switch between sun and rain multiple times throughout the day so we couldn't play outside too much. So, we decided to do things off our bucket list that consisted of inside! First thing, painting...we killed 2 birds with 1 stone. We got to paint, but also made TJ decorations at the same time:) Second, we played pirates. I think this was inspired by Jake and the Neverland Pirates (yay for having time for a little cartoons in the morning!)
 Third, boat ride! Now it's starting to warm up! YAY! We took our friends out on the boat with us. We drove around and headed to Poulsbo where we docked the boat, got off, and got a donut and pizza. This is seriously like one of my favorite things to do now:)!
 Fourth, Happy Birthday TJ and Ethan. We always do a family birthday dinner party and this year Ethan and TJ shared their day. 
 Where did Ethan go? He could hide behind all his presents! Yahoo
 Ethan is 11 and going into 6th grade...can't even believe it!
 Happy, Happy, Birthday! TJ is 32, hehehe!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Father's Day

Look at that guy! He is one hot daddy! I am grateful that he is the dad to my children. He plays with them, tells them he loves them all the time, loves to cuddle with them, and is a good example for them. We made him breakfast in bed...waffles with whip cream, strawberries, and sausage! We celebrated Father's Day with both our families together. We had a big BBQ and that is exactly what TJ wanted. Everyone in one spot! Not only am I thankful for TJ, but I'm also very thankful for my dad who continually is there for me and helps me whenever I need it:) 

First 1/2 Marathon

Discovery 1/2 Marathon (Sequim to Port Angeles)
Running a 1/2 marathon has been on my personal bucket list for a couple years, but it seems like I always talk myself out of it because running is not my favorite thing. My friend, Lacey encouraged me to do it with her this year and so I did. She made sure I wouldn't back out. TJ decided to do it with me, which I'm glad he did because it was a bonding time for us. My goal for my first 1/2 marathon was to #1 finish and #2 to get to a point where I enjoy running. Both those goals were accomplished. I was not worrying about speed because I am a slow runner, but as I raced I felt great, my body felt good, my stomach felt good, my breathing was good, I was above my pace time, everything was great until about mile 9. Mile 9 is where my knee had some trouble. Every time I would go down hill my knee had the sharpest pain (one I never got while training) and it was frustrating because it was really painful going downhill. So where you are suppose to be gaining speed or taking a breather, I was walking and it was VERY frustrating. I was grateful for TJ by my side. I wanted to run, but TJ was the smart thinker reminding me not to get a bigger injury, etc. All in all, I still reached my finish time goal, but I would have blown my goal out of the water if it wasn't for my knee. I am so glad I did it. We will see if another one is in my future....

Annual Moses Lake Trip

Every year we look forward to the Moses Lake camping trip with TJ's Men's League Softball team. We  all go, family, kids, and this time TJ's whole family (minus Caleb) went. This is the first year we did the tent thing and it turned out to be kinda fun. We had camp fires, ate smores, played lawn games, watched multiple softball games, and ended it with a big slip in slide, which only a few were brave to try:).
And the guys got 2nd place in the tournament!!! Best they've done there:)

Mother's Day

 I am blessed to be a mom of these 2 kids. I love them more than they will ever know. They made me breakfast in bed and they got to enjoy it with me too! We then went to a surprise tea with Grandma Brown and her siblings and GG Vergeer and then had dinner with my mom and family. My kiddos surprised me with a manicure/pedicure that I'm excited to use now that it's summer:) 
I love being a mom!!!

T-Ball 2013

Wow! Can I say what a difference a year made for little Miss Sophia. Last year she liked playing t-ball, but it was out of her comfort zone and she had quite a few tantrums about it. This year was the total opposite. She didn't need me right by her side and I could actually sit and cheer her on from the bleachers. She was confident and one of her goals was to hit it to the outfield! She had a lot of friends and her 2 cousins on her team too, which made it even more fun. The season was a success!!!

 This was the end of the season where she got her trophy from her daddy or "coach!"
 One last team huddle! GO DIAMOND BACKS!!!

Best Friends Wedding

My best friend, Kimberly Ann got married and I was able to be a part of it, which was sooo fun! My mom and I threw her a bridal shower...Her colors were black, green, and white. She loves quotes, so there were love quotes throughout the house for decoration.
 Here she is the night before she got married. The girls went for a manicure/pedicure and dinner.
 And here she is nice and MARRIED:)!
I am so happy for her and Ryan!