Friday, October 30, 2009

October Fun!

Pumpkin Patch
Sophia had her first field trip to Hunter's Farm to pick out a pumpkin with her class. TJ took off work to be a chaperon. It was raining and muddy, but they made the best of it. Gotta love rain boots and coats!
When you ask what kind of pumpkin she got she says, "a lil' one and daddy got a big one!"
Pumpkin Painting/Carving
Sophia's school was having a pumpkin contest and obviously Sophia couldn't carve her own so I had her paint it instead. She painted it black all by herself...I just did "blob" patrol. Then we turned her pumpkin into a...BAT!
Then it was time for daddy's big pumpkin...She helped scooped it out a little, but then kept saying, yucky! TJ did a good job carving and actually got into it (Halloween is not his favorite).
TA-DA!!! Frankenstein and a bat...By the way she one the BEST PUMPKIN AWARD at her school!
My School Fall Festival
Okay so I have to give a little background on her costume...Sophia decided she wanted to be a tiger so she could "ROAR!" at everyone. I knew she wouldn't keep anything on her head or face, so I decided to make the costume quite simple. And yes, I wanted to try to sew it. I've never really read a sewing pattern before so I had my mom help me. I swear those are written in a different language. Well, I made the skirt first. It went fast and it was easy for me. Then I started the shirt. It was a size 4 pattern so I knew it was going to be too big. As I started sewing the neck my mom and I noticed that it was going to be way to big, so my mom helped me cut it down (okay well she did). It was all finished and Sophia had her costume party on Thursday, so that night I just had this little feeling to try the shirt on. WELL...let's just say it didn't fit over her head and she has a small head, hahaha! I called my mom laughing and thought "this is why I don't sew, ha!" I got the good ol' scissors and cut a slit in the back and WA-LA, it fit over her head. I guess this is why people buy their Halloween costumes. Never-the-less, she is still the cutest tiger, I am still proud that I sewed it, and it's a great story to tell.

Sophia was a little timid at first with all the people and costumes, but she warmed up. We bought some tickets, so she played some games. She got to toss bean bags into the ghost. Sophia style was to walk right up close to it and drop it in!
She also helped me during "Trick-or-Treat Lane!" She got the hang of it. She would say "trick or treat" and help herself to the bucket of candy we were suppose to be handing out to the kids, haha!
I signed up to do a game in my room, so I decided to have the kids play pumpkin bowling at the "Pumpkin Alley". Here Sophia is ready to roll her pumpkin down the lane. I think this was her favorite game:)
After our bucket of candy was gone, Sophia was on the hunt for more. She was practicing for tomorrow night with my best teaching buddy.
Perfect photo op! Sophia posed by it, but obviously on this shot she turned a little. Then she was perfectly posed and even saying "CCCHHEEESSSEEE" with a smile when...MY BATTERIES DIED, ahhh! So that was it for pictures.
Other highlights from the festival: cake walk (we won!), ring toss, shooting basketballs, cotton candy (but Sophia doesn't like it), and more.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Terrible Twos???

Okay we're back...We have been busy, busy and I have not been motivated to blog, but now that we're in our new place and the Internet is hooked up we are ready to go...I thought I'd share with you the naughtiest night of Sophia's life...

So we met my mom at McDonalds (not my favorite place) so she could play with her cousins and as we were getting ready to go the fun started. I told Sophia that it was time to go and she responded with, "No want it!" as she runs away from me (yah, that's not going to happen). I snatched her up and go to the car. This is where the fun really starts...As she is stiff as a board I am trying to put her in her car seat. She is crying and throwing herself from side to side. I am using all my force to keep her down in her seat. With all the thrashing around I am staying quite calm but using a firm voice when all of a sudden she SLAPS me in the face. I think my mouth dropped as I am trying to process what just happened. As I'm processing she looks at me again with that, what are you going to do about it? look and does it again. "OH NO YOU DIDN'T!!!" My initial reaction was to beat my child, but I thought that wouldn't be a very good example of not hitting. We had the whole not hitting talk, etc etc and when she got to Gamma's house she sat in the "Time-Out" chair to have some thinking time. She said sorry and gave me loves...pheww, are we staring terrible twos already??? Bring it on...

So you don't think my child is totally horrible here are some of her favorites lately:
-Counting to 22
-Singing "It's Raining, It's Pouring"
-Singing "5 Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate..."
-Pretty much singing any song
-Counting backwards from 9 (I couldn't believe it)
-Knowing the sounds for the letters a and b
-Arguing with "yes it is or no it's not"
-Telling me it's O-O-October!
-Putting herself in "thinking time/time out" and not budging until I come get her (I know that one won't last)!
She is definitely learning and picking up a lot from her Preschool!! It is very exciting to be a part of her learning:)!