Friday, April 9, 2010

Thank You Lacey!

TJ and I have been looking for a swing set for Sophia for awhile because she loves swings and we thought with summer around the corner it would be a good idea. We were thinking of spending around $100 for a wood one so it wouldn't rust. Our criteria was a swing and a little slide, nothing fancy because our backyard does not have a ton of space. Well, after much research we found that was nearly impossible. We got really excited when we saw one on the Internet for $200. Yes, still more than we wanted to spend, but it was a wood kit that came with a bumpy slide and 2 swings. Yes, hit the jackpot! I clicked on the image, read the reviews and quickly realized that the swing-set included ONLY the swings and hardware. WHAT THE HECK? We would have to buy the wood and slide ourselves, which is another $200! That is crazy! We might settle for a metal one, but those are still more than $100. I don't know, I guess I have to feel lucky that I live very close to a cool park. We became much happier when my friend offered us this play house. She was tired of having it take up space and her boys never played with it. Inside there is a kitchen and little table. Boy are we going to have fun with this house (now bring on the sun)! Forget the swing-set, we get to play house, hehe...Thank you Lacey!!!
Isn't it cute!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Day

We had an early Easter morning. Sophia had a lovely cough all night so she ended up sleeping with us (which is usually a big no, no for me)! About 6:30 she started coughing so hard that she made herself throw-up all over our bed, so then she went straight to a bath. We made it down stairs to see if the Easter bunny ate Sophia's carrots, hid her eggs, and left her anything. Sure enough he did all those things!
She loved the Easter egg hunt and got to do 3 of them. One at our house, one at my parent's house, and one at TJ's Nana's. She found one!
Found another one!
We still had time to kill before breakfast and conference, so we opened up her pizza play-dough set and had some fun. Can I tell you that I love play-doh too?!
We blew-up the air mattress, watched conference, went to my parent's house for the tradition Easter baskets, egg hunt, and yummy bunny buns. Then, we made our way to Nana's house and visited with TJ's family. Finally, we went back to my parent's for dinner and strawberry pie! Does anyone else think we need a school day off after Easter? I sure do!
Today Sophia asked if the Easter bunny could come again tomorrow! I guess she had fun :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Fun

You know me...Lover of crafts! My mom saw a similar sign at Michael's, so she copied it and I thought it was adorable, so I made one too. THANK YOU MY CRICUIT!!!
(If anyone doesn't have one and likes scrapbooking/crafts you NEED to get one...well worth the money)
It's easy to get caught up in all the festivities of Easter, which is why I made my sign say, "HE IS RISEN," so every time I walk by it, I remember the true meaning. I am so grateful for our Savior, Jesus Christ and that we can live with him again because of the sacrifice he made for us!
Sophia only cracked 4 eggs in the dying process, ha! She chose pink for her egg.
Nate and Mindy had the idea of meeting at my parents house to have an egg dying party and dinner. The Uffens kids know how to decorate! There was everything from Star Wars, multi-colors, designs, and stickers eggs.
Tonight we had to get ready for the Easter Bunny, so Sophia put out her eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide and some carrots for a snack (And a snack for her too).
We also blew up the air mattress and watched "The First Easter Rabbit" movie. Can't beat snuggle time with the family:)
The Easter Bunny is all ready! I sewed the liners to our baskets. Mine is flip-flops, TJ's is baseball, and Sophia's is polka dots for now. I like have my baskets look the same, but thought it would be fun to pick material to match what we love. That way when we have more kids down the road I can make more!