Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Bunny

Me: "What does a bunny say Kenton?" Kenton: "Hop, hop, hop!" 
 Sophia and Kenton made sure the Easter bunny did not get hungry while being at our house. Kenton kept having to put just 1 more on the plate. And they thought the bunny would like to drink lemonade too.
 Easter bunny must be in a spring kind of mood. They got a bubble gun, book, and candy.
 Sophia wanted to do the Easter egg hunt right away. We have collected quite the amount of plastic eggs over the years. They each picked out 10 eggs for the Easter bunny to hide. Kenton only looked for a few. He was more interested in what was in the egg. He would open it, eat it if it was edible and then throw the egg. Sophia however was in it for the long haul. She found all of them and then sat down to check out what was in them.
 We have 9:00am church so our breakfast was quite simple....hard boiled eggs, donuts, fruit, and chocolate milk. We have a family tradition of cracking the eggs on our forehead.
 Easter snuck up on us this year, so we didn't go all out for matching Easter outfits. Sophia got this dress at the end of the summer last year and it was too big so she didn't even really get to wear it. We are definitely going to have to buy her new sandals because hers from last summer just barely fit! I told Sophia I wanted to take a couple pictures of her after church. She got out of the car and I went in to get the camera and this is how she was standing when I came back out. Think she likes posing??
 And Mr. Kenton boy got Target clearance pants and shirt. He was in need to new church clothes anyway...He's so handsome and this is him saying, "Cheeeese!"
 I just love these two:)
 Some of TJ's family came over to our house at 12:00pm for Easter lunch, egg hunt, and to enjoy the sun! The kids are gearing up for the egg hunt. The older boys hid the eggs and hid put some just in the grass for Kenton and Quincy. They told the older kids that they couldn't get those. In the end Quincy and Kenton got the most eggs and didn't have to even work that hard, hahaha!
 Checkin' out their eggs...
After the fun at our house, we went to my parents house. Sophia and Kenton waited in the hallway until they could run down and see their Easter baskets from Grandma and Papa. 
 They got spoiled once again!

Egg Dying!

I forgot about dying Easter eggs this year until my mom asked when I was planning on doing it. Easter seriously came out of no where...My mom was going to do it Friday, so we joined her. Sophia had a friend spending the night that night, so he got to join us too.
Grandma got all the colors ready while they eagerly waited.
Kenton had to get all up on it...I thought he was going to drink it or end up wearing it.
Kenton had to dye his eggs BLUE! His favorite color:) He got some on his hands and a little bit on his face, but not too bad. 
Waiting patiently for their eggs to be the perfect color!

Both Sophia and Jackson decorated/dyed every egg until they were all done:)