Saturday, February 16, 2013

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue...

Sophia woke up on Valentine's Day saying, "Mom, 0 more wake-ups till Valentine's Day!" I absolutely love how she gets excited about things like me:)! They woke up to a "heart attacked" door with reasons why we love them.

 After school we went over to my parents house for heart shaped pizza and the Valentine's Fairy. Doorbell ditch #1 was for the Brown family!!!! This is my favorite thing!
 And my other favorite thing is my Dad's famous heart shaped oatmeal cookie. They are seriously the best!!! 
 My Dad has been in to getting everybody balloons as part as the Valentine Fairy. Look at all the different ones.
 We finally made it home and Sophia and Kenton had a surprise from us on their pillows.
 TJ and I decided not to do anything because we were going to throw a Valentine's party the day after, but he and the kids surprised me with a pedicure and manicure. I told him that that wasn't fair because I didn't do anything for him because of what we had talked about and he said it wasn't from him, it was from all of them...what a sneak, but I'm not gonna lie that I loved it and it made me feel special, especially the card they gave me:)!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kenton's Family Party

We were pretty low key for Kenton's birthday this year. We celebrated the January birthdays with my family a couple weeks ago, so we did cake and ice cream with the Brown side on Saturday to celebrate Kenton. The theme was,
 I'm not a huge fan of character stuff, but for parties I guess it's okay!Thomas followed the theme:)
 Kenton was very aware that that was his cake. He had to check it out multiple times.
 I had a more fancy idea for his cake, but time did not allow it, so this is what he got (not too bad).  I used Kit-Kats as the train tracks, graham crackers as the dirt and got a Lego Thomas the train on sale! Kenton was happy he got a train out of the deal!
 TJ worked on putting together a train track to play with during his party.
 And here is is...
Again it was nothing too wild, but it was nice to spend some time with the Brown's while celebrating Kenton!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Look Who's 2!

The kids get to pick their birthday party theme at their preschool, so Kenton picked having a ball theme.  I made baseball cupcakes to take. Nothing fancy, but got the job done:)
 Every birthday TJ and I fill up the kid's room with balloons, but this year Sophia helped me. Kenton is a SUPER light sleeper, so I was worried about sneaking them in. Sophia and I had a mission completion! He woke up crying in the morning, so we all went to get him as a family. We flipped on the light he immediately stopped crying, looked at the balloons, got a huge smile, and started jumping on his bed. Literally so high we thought he was going to jump out. He was excited:)!
 After school we went to Red Robin of course to use his free kids meal coupon. Nama brought blowers and a little present for him.
I had to get a picture with my baby!
 I was looking through pictures and last year Kenton was nuzzled into TJ's chest when he was being sung to because he was scared...Today he was staring down at his ice cream and then got the biggest smile on his face while they were singing!!! Pretty dang cute:)
 When we got home we sang to him again and had him blow out his candles. He is a pro. All day when we would sing to him, he would pretend to blow after we were done.  He was practicing for the big moment and here it is: (After he blew them out he said, "AGAIN!" we re-lit about 4 more times!
Sophia got Kenton a bay blade so he had one to battle with her and TJ and I got him his own T-ball stuff.
 He knew just what to do...He immediately swung it, but I think it was heavier then he thought so he let go. Can you tell the camera and I almost got tagged....
 Look at that face...seriously I love him! He was equally excited about the gummy bears.
 TJ was putting the T together and was not finished as Kenton put the ball up to hit. Good thing TJ has fast reflexes and that it was a soft ball...
 Now it's ready...Look at that lefty!
 And BBBBAAMMMM! Hit it first try!
 I was trying to get a "CHEESE" picture and this is what I got...
 And again, this is why we love him. He is so silly, keeps us on our toes, and makes us laugh all the time! I had quite the reflective day like I always do on my kids birthday. Here it goes really quickly: 2 weeks before his due date I got cramps (or so I thought) starting at 3am, which were obviously contractions, called my mom and put in sub plans at 5:30, went to the hospital about 6:30 and was 4 cm dilated, 9am and 2 pushes later and had our baby boy who weighed in at 8lbs 8 oz and 21 1/2 inches long.  
 Facts about our big 2 year old:
-Loves balls and cars
-Is 1 step behind his big sister..seriously has to do everything she does
- Is our mountain goat
-Jumps off fear!
- Is good at tackling
-When he gets mad he either throws something or hits something (usually ends up hurting himself, which is funny)
- He is starting to say more words. My favorite words he says are: "Yah-Yah" for Sophia, "I" for write, "dough" for binky, signs please with a "uhhh," "un" for one, "nun" for more and again.
-Wears 3T clothes
- Size 7 shoe
- Hums when it's time to sing
-Folds his arms so nicely when we pray
-Loves the song, "If you're happy and you know it"
- Loves candy (oops) 
- Foods he doesn't like are eggs (well sometimes), olives, raspberries
-Doesn't like animals
-Says all the animal sounds
-Identifies body parts
- Likes to read
-Did I mention he likes to do anything Sophia is doing????
- He weighs 26 lbs (25%tile) and is 36.25 inches (90th%tile)
-And is ALL BOY!

I could go on and on about our boy. There is something truly special about him. Happy Birthday Kenton Boy!