Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Spring Break

First day of spring break and I'm loving being home with Sophia (I definitely could get used to being a stay at home mom, hehe!) First of all...HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIMBERLY ANN! We started our day taking Kim out to breakfast for her birthday. Sophia was pretty grumpy (sorry Kim), but it's nothing like old times when we get together. Only wish we could see her more often. Then, Sophia and I took advantage of no rain and walked the Clear Creek Trail with Auntie Christine and cousins. We loved the fresh air!
We ended our day with an invitation to CHUCKIE CHEESE with Uncle Nate, Auntie Mindy, and cousins. The whole Uffens crew raided the place! Sophia DID NOT LIKE CHUCKIE, but she loved SKI-BALL and BASKETBALL!
Here's our family picture...good ol' Chuckie sketch for 1 token. Sophia has a classic "uhhhh" face, but at least she's looking at the camera...
199 tickets later, Sophia picked out a soccer ball (of course) for her prize.
And here she is in action (even though soccer is our least favorite sport)...

Gotta love girls

I'm learning that it's fun to have a girl because you can take pictures of them just because they have an adorable outfit on! Sophia was our little preppy school girl at church on Sunday and I couldn't pass up a photo opportunity.

Once she got dressed she wanted to help her Daddy. She picked out this tie to go with her outfit.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

And the flu epidemic continues...

We went to get Sophia up this morning and SURPRISE...throw up in her bed. It was in her hair and smelled horrible. Once again...the joys of motherhood. Off to the bath we ran. She has been fine the rest of the day..phew! But then my mom called and said that my sister woke up at 4am and got sick too. That is 9 people I know that caught this gross flu! No More!
Grandpa Brown got us a treat for Emerald Smoothie and Sophia loved it. At first we took turns taking drinks, but then Sophia took over. She kept calling it her "waler" (water).
Here I am trying to get a sip (sorry for the creepy picture, but I was the one taking it).
Because we've been cooped up for 2 days (I'm starting to go crazy) and with TJ gone for the day, we were getting bored. So, Sophia and I started decorating for Easter a little early. Here Sophia is practicing for the egg hunt with a basket that Grandma Brown found. It's just her size.
And here's our new Easter decoration that TJ bought. An egg Ferris wheel! Isn't it cute?! Sophia loaded it up with eggs.

Good job Sophia!

Friday, March 20, 2009


Check out that snot bubble...the joys of motherhood.
We have been surrounded by sickness the past week. Sophia started off with a cold and TJ got the flu last weekend. His mom and nephew got it too, but it didn't stop there...
About mid-week, TJ's dad got the bug, then I got a call from my sister-n-law saying that Sophia threw up and was having diarrhea (sorry too much info). I took a sick day on Wednesday to be with her and took her to the doctors. Thank goodness she only lost her cookies once and never had a fever, but still has diarrhea. The doctor said that she just caught the nasty virus going around. Then, our other nephew and sister-n-law caught it.
I went to work on Thursday thinking that I've escaped the germ, but started to get a stomach ache. I had to run out of my class and have an appointment with the garbage can. First graders are so caring! So...I stayed home today and did lots of cuddling with Sophia. Sophia definitely enjoyed me being home because the saying of the day from Sophia was, "UP PLEASE". How do you say no to such manners:)

Friday, March 13, 2009

To All Those Stay at Home Moms

I am jealous of all you stay at home moms!!! I absolutely love teaching, but it KILLS me that I have to wake up Sophia in the mornings. Look at her...butt in the can I wake up someone so comfy looking?! Sorry, I just had to share this cute picture and vent a little..hehe!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

First Boo-Boo

I went to pick up Sophia from her Aunt Christine's yesterday and learned that she got her first "boo-boo" on her face. She had a fight with the cement and the cement won...CRASHED AND BURNED! Of course Christine felt horrible because it happened on her watch and my nephew Tyler said to Christine, "Oh no mom, we have to tell Emmy!" He was worried and I had to give Christine a hard time about it(hehe). Poor little Sophia looks a little homely, but this is the first of many falls! We are going to be friends with Neosporin for the next week!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Too Smart for Words

Yesterday Sophia was walking around and all of a sudden she was squatting down and lifting up her shirt, so TJ asked if she had to go potty. She responded with "potty" and started walking down the hall towards the bathroom. TJ looked at me and said, "No way!" We followed her in the bathroom and she proceeded to lift up the toilet seat and stand there. TJ and I were looking at each other in "AHHH" and just started laughing. TJ took her diaper off and sat her on the toilet. That lasted for only a couple seconds, but she did pee in her diaper right before. This is just an example of how quickly Sophia picks things up (too quick sometimes). I thought I didn't have to worry about potty training until at least 2...haha..just kidding!

Happy Valentine's Day

Every Valentine's Day (this was the night before), the Valentine's Fairy (my parents) come and doorbell ditch on the front porch. My dad makes huge heart shaped oatmeal cookies and places them on a plate with candy and everyone also gets a little present. Sophia got a puzzle and TJ and I got a huge present with tickets to the LION KING with my family!!!

Here is Sophia sporting her Valentine's Day outfit.
We brought Sophia to Seattle with us to trade her to TJ's parent's so we could go to the show and dinner with out a little one. P.S. Very strange not to have her with us.

Okay, someone isn't very mature?? We went to PF Changs for dinner with my family and family friends (ahem..someone missed out!) I am so glad that we made reservations because for a party of 2 was already an hour wait at 5:30pm. YUMMY LETTUCE WRAPS!
LION KING!!! It's absolutely incredible! I've seen it before and was in ahhh then and was in ahhh again. I was very excited for TJ to see it and he totally loved it and wants to see more shows.

This was right before I got yelled at for taking a picture inside the theater. Obviously I don't have theater etiquette..Plus the lady was super crabby!

Here is Sophia the next day enjoying Grandpa's heart shaped oatmeal cookie! She now loves the word.."cookie!"

Our Baby is 1 (okay like 2 months ago)

We had a "Winter Wonderland" themed birthday party for Sophia. Because our families are huge we had her party at TJ's parents church. It was in the new gym and was a perfect set-up with a kitchen and everything. We at pizza and had little crafts for the older kids. All Sophia cared about was walking around and playing with the balloons. On her actual birthday party she blew out her own candles (talent, I know!) But at her birthday party she got stage fright and played shy, so her cousins helped her. Her party was right during nap time, but we all pulled through and had a fun time celebrating Ms. Sophia!!!

Make a wish...
I got her to stop playing with the balloons and kinda look at me for a picture.
Yes, I made those snowman cupcakes (that's as fancy as I go, ha!)
To go along with the winter wonderland theme
Nothing like homemade signs...