Monday, November 8, 2010


Our Halloween was celebrated on Saturday night for the famous "trunk or treat," but before that we went to GG's house to show off Sophia's costume and get a treat too!
We've got a member of the SWAT team, Mario, a Sorcerer, another member of the SWAT team, and a butterfly fairy on the Uffens side of the family.
And a Scarecrow, Lion, Dorothy, Tin man, Flying monkey, and Bell on the Brown side.

I love trunk or treat because the kids get loaded up on candy and it's perfect for them because they don't have to walk really far! Every time Sophia got another piece of candy she would get so excited and would have me look in her pumpkin! Her pumpkin got so heavy towards the end that it was hard for her to carry.
After trunk or treat all the cousins came over for chili and a potato bar for dinner:) Sophia is lucky to have fun cousins and as she calls them, her "friends!"
After everyone left Sophia got to dump out all her candy. She put the candy in 2 piles, a Sophia pile and Mommy pile. I made it out good because she's not a huge fan of chocolate!
Our Halloween day was spent visiting GG and GGpa Vergeer, Nana Brown, and Grandma/pa Brown. She had to show off her costume one last time:)