Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Week Fun



Gotta love Zoo Lights! We enjoyed the lights on Monday and it turned out to be a perfect night with no rain. Mollie, Sophia's cousin came with us to enjoy some girl time.
Aren't they cute?!
Sophia wouldn't go in the cave with me at first, so Mollie humored me and even posed for a picture:)
The girls liked playing on the playground and Mollie got stuck in her own spider web, haha!
TJ spoiled them and bought them a penguin light-up glow stick. They played with those all night and into the next day, so I guess it was worth it:)
I loved this tree!
We ended our night with the carousel ride. They were all smiles the whole time:)
After Zoo Lights, Mollie spent the night with us. These two girls talked all night and played so well together (it gave me a glimpse of future sleep overs with girls). Sophia had to have the air mattresses next to each other for her slumber party.
The only 2 girls on the Brown side (so far) have to stick together!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Tree Hunting

The weekend after Thanksgiving we have a tradition to go get our Christmas tree at good ol' Bacon's Tree Farm. We took TJ's clunker dunk (haha) truck, which he was very proud of. We decided to bundle Sophia up in her snow gear and boots to stay warm and so she wouldn't get all muddy.
Sophia thought this was a good size tree...
I am so picky (just like my mom) about my tree. It has to be a Noble and it seems like we're always the last ones to cut one down. After about an hour search, we found it! It was about 10 ft tall, green, healthy, and smelled so good. Sophia was a trooper, but hungry and needed a nap by then...check out her face!

TJ doing the man thing. I even helped carry it out (probably not the best idea, ha!).

One happy family with a great tree in the back of the truck! I love this picture because TJ looks like a true hill-billy, hahaha!
Sophia was SOO excited to put up her little tree! She picked out pink glittery stocking ornaments and we already had the blue balls. Isn't it a beauty?
TA DA!!!!! (Don't look too closely at the top, we hadn't trimmed it yet).
It makes me so happy when I look at our tree. We've had many nights reading books, playing with the train, and visiting at night sitting by our tree:)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Forgotten Carols

The day before Thanksgiving we went to a Christmas show called, "Forgotten Carols" at Ben Royal Hall in Seattle with some of my family and TJ's parents. We took the ferry over and had dinner at the Spaghetti Factory. Sophia's favorite is the brown butter and mazithra!
Here's the group shot!
We were waiting to go in...
Once we got in, we had to wait some more to go to our seats, so we were entertained by some classic Seattle drama through the window...1 man that couldn't stand up, 4 police cars, etc. We found our seats and sat next to TJ's parents...
Sophia sat really well. She held her hands over her ears for awhile because she thought it was loud.

November Snow

We loved the snow, especially because I got 2 days off of school!!!

The first night of the wind/snow storm we lost 2 hours of power, which was just long enough for it to still be fun. We played games by our camping lantern and Sophia had fun with her flashlight...
We headed up stairs to play CandyLand. Sophia's favorite card was the candy cane card. After that it was time for bed. When we woke up we had our power back. We were one of the lucky ones! Thank you!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Our Halloween was celebrated on Saturday night for the famous "trunk or treat," but before that we went to GG's house to show off Sophia's costume and get a treat too!
We've got a member of the SWAT team, Mario, a Sorcerer, another member of the SWAT team, and a butterfly fairy on the Uffens side of the family.
And a Scarecrow, Lion, Dorothy, Tin man, Flying monkey, and Bell on the Brown side.

I love trunk or treat because the kids get loaded up on candy and it's perfect for them because they don't have to walk really far! Every time Sophia got another piece of candy she would get so excited and would have me look in her pumpkin! Her pumpkin got so heavy towards the end that it was hard for her to carry.
After trunk or treat all the cousins came over for chili and a potato bar for dinner:) Sophia is lucky to have fun cousins and as she calls them, her "friends!"
After everyone left Sophia got to dump out all her candy. She put the candy in 2 piles, a Sophia pile and Mommy pile. I made it out good because she's not a huge fan of chocolate!
Our Halloween day was spent visiting GG and GGpa Vergeer, Nana Brown, and Grandma/pa Brown. She had to show off her costume one last time:)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

While I was sitting and doing parent-teacher conferences, TJ took off the day to go with Sophia's preschool to Hunter Farms Pumpkin Patch. I'm not jealous or anything...
Starting the pumpkin adventure with a friend and the famous signs.
Apparently Sophia did not like the dark slide through the hay. Her teacher Ms. Shelby got her up there and gave her a little push down, hahaha. Check out that face!
She searched for a pumpkin and found the one she wanted....A nice green one!

The tractor ride was much better than the slide. Sophia is with some of her preschool friends:)

I think the pumpkin in the middle is the cutest:)
This is when I got to join the fun...We carved tonight. Sophia scooped out the pumpkin guts all by herself with a spoon, but would not reach her hand in and touch the guts.
Lots of pumpkin seeds coming out (don't mind my lovely outfit...the comfy clothes went on right after work).
Daddy helped carve the eyes, but Sophia wanted a baseball pumpkin, so she decided on a W pumpkin with a pink balloon as the bubble.
Here they are! My ghost that says "Boo!" didn't turn out that great, but oh well. I love the tiny yellow pumpkin Sophia picked out too. She was quite pleased with them all, but wanted hers back inside so she could look at it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Pro

We're getting use out of baby brother's clothes already. Sophia's baby needed a jacket! I think Sophia is going to be a pro at holding her little brother...Look at her form:)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Slumber Party

This is one happy girl!
She has been wanting to have a sleep-0ver for awhile, so we invited her 2 of her cousins over so their mom could have a night out. A couple days before the slumber party Sophia asked if she had to sleep in her bed. I asked her where else she would sleep. She said she wanted to sleep on the blow up mattress and have Tyler and Lauren bring theirs so she could line them up in a row. She is too smart! She knows how sleepovers should go!

Ta-da! There they are all in a row!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sneak Peak to Halloween

Sophia is one that likes things explained and not just sprung on her, so we've been talking about her Halloween costume for about a month. I had her look online with me to see what she was interested in. Every costume we saw, she said, "No, I don't like it..." UNTIL she saw a fairy and a butterfly costume, so is the very cute butterfly fairy! The costume is simple and perfect for her (even her new rain boots are butterflies:)
On Friday we went to our church Halloween party to try out the costume. On Halloween night I'll add make-up and other stuff, but it was a good test run. She wasn't too sure of all the games, but she liked throwing the rings, dropping a golf ball down a peg board, and her favorite was the cake walk. We got like 4 cupcakes!
The finale was TJ and Derek trying to fit the whole donut in their mouth. TJ inhaled the powder which was quite entertaining. I would say Derek was the winner!