Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's that time of year again...FAIR time!

Summer would not be the same if we didn't end it with the Kitsap County Fair! Friday was our fair day and we got there about 1:00pm and got home about 11:30pm (that was with the Rodeo too). We started off going through the Pavilion to look around and get some free candy and trinkets and then we made it to the outside booths.
 And then it was ride time! Kenton and Sophia had so much fun, especially because most of their cousins were there. 
 This might be one of my favorite pictures. I got the 4 cousins together in 1 shot and they all have great facial expressions. Mollie and Quincy are in the 2nd cart and my kids are right behind them! True joy right there:)
 The slide was Kenton's favorite. After getting off, he was immediately say, "nen (again)" every time. They probably went on the slide a good 10 times throughout the day. This picture was taken the first time they went down. Quickly after that he wanted to go down by himself on his own mat and he climbed up those steep stairs and did just that!!!
 TJ had to try a deep fried something this year. So...he picked a deep fried Oreo. It was okay...nothing to rant and rave about though. 
 Okay, if any of you know my kids, they are seriously afraid of fish in a fish tank. Okay, maybe not that bad, but close. Sophia is getting tons better and rode the horse last year, so she definitely wanted to do it again. She used her own money to give herself a ride. She looked like a pro and got to pick the horse she rode on.
 Although Sophia is getting better, Kenton is still unsure. He usually likes animals, but from a distance or when someone is holding him, so this was a BIG deal! After Sophia went on Kenton said, "Mom, me turn?" I thought...NO WAY! He reassured me he wanted a ride. I asked the man working if I could put him on a horse before I paid him because I thought for sure he would FREAK the minute he put his leg over. Waiting for the whimper, waiting, waiting...No cry, no whimper, no scream...and there Kenton is sitting on the horse and petting it! SAY WHAT?! So I paid the man and around he went. I walked beside him for the first circle just to make sure he was okay once they started moving, but then he didn't need me!
After our healthy (haha) and scrumptious dinner, we headed off to the Rodeo with family and friends and had to do some ride favorites just 1 last time afterwards, or maybe just more than once! Thank you Kitsap Fair for treating us well, yet again! See you next year:)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Lake Chelan

Last summer TJ's parents invited us to Lake Chelan and it happened again this year! I sure hope this turns into a tradition because it is SO much fun. We went at the perfect time because it's right before I have to start working in my classroom again...It's a great time to relax just one more time! Grandma Brown surprised the girls with matching swim suits and cover ups. They looked adorable and were mistaken for twins. We stayed 3 nights, 4 days and swam the whole time. The girls would literally swim in the pool with Grandma in the morning, we would drive to Chelan and swim in the pool and lake there, and then drive back to our hotel and swim again! The weather was nice, but not as sunny as we thought it would be. 
Kenton loved the hot tub! He really has gotten good at swimming and being comfortable with this life jacket all by himself.
 Floating with Grace
 Before we left on Sunday, we went on Lake Entiat to use the boat and guess what? It got me up on ski's! Anna was a good sport and tubed with the girls!
  Great time had by all! Back to reality we went after this trip...Thank you Grandma/pa Brown!

Random Things

While we were setting up Kenton's big boy bed, Sophia dressed Kenton up, hahaha! TJ was not amused! Doesn't Sophia look really proud?!
 This is more like it...SPIDERMAN!
 This boy loves the bath! I think he's ready for swim lessons!
 Nap time in a fort!

Big Boy Bed

I am so lucky that the transitions from the crib to the big kid bed with both my kids were not hard. We always skip the toddler bed and go straight into the twin bed. It helped that Kenton slept on a little mat at her preschool and that he slept on a bunk bed while we camped the week before.
Bye, Bye Crib!
Hello Big Boy Bed!
Grandma/pa Uffens got him his comforter for his birthday and we have had his bed for awhile (thank you Anna's mom), but I just painted it blue...I like how it turned out:)
 My baby isn't in a crib anymore...tear! Everything happens so fast, hehe!

Camping and Silverwood

We headed to Spokane to camp at Clear Lake with Lacey and her family. We realized this was the first time we went camping with friends and not family and we had a great time. We borrowed TJ's grandparents big red truck to pull our friends trailer, so the kids were totally excited to ride in it. The ride was about 6 hours and the kids did great. We stopped mid-way through in Ellensburg for fantastic burgers at Campus U Totem. They played the Kindle, I-Pod, listened to music, colored and took a nap to make it the rest of the way. 
 We were going to tent it, but then realized a week in a tent would be really long, so we rented a cabin and it was well worth it. Kenton and Sophia slept in a bunk bed (again, they were excited about that) and we had a queen bed. Usually the beds in cabins are uncomfortable, but this bed was SOOOO comfortable. TJ still rants about the mattress!
  We went to Silverwood for 2 days and played in the lake and boat for the other days. We literally went on the boat from 12pm-7pm....SO FUN! Lots of swimming, tubing, and other water sports. 

 SILVER WOOD was a blast...Both kids loved all the rides they could go on. Although, Sophia loved the rides, her attitude was off so we had some minor moments throughout the days. Sophia took care of Kenton on all the rides we couldn't fit on! Kenton wanted to go on everything! Sophia went on the corkscrew roller coaster that went upside down and Tremors with a 100 ft drop at the beginning...She definitely surprised me on that one. 

TJ and Brett thought it was hilarious to put quarters in the squirting machines and attack  the poor innocent people on bumper boats.
   And part of camping is always campfires!
 Thank you Lacey and family for loads of fun!