Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Anniversary and First Day of School!

The first day of school was such a romantic way to celebrate TJ and my 4 year wedding anniversary! I am truly blessed to be married to a man who is my best friend, who makes me laugh, who is hot and who I want to be around ALL the time:) After dating almost 6 years before we were married, we knew each other very well, but here are some things we have learned about each other after 4 years of marriage:
1. TJ snores EXTREMELY loud (I don't even hear it anymore though)
2. When TJ throws up it sounds like he's dying
3. TJ can't handle it when I make a scratchy sound with my throat
4. I can't handle it when TJ grinds his teeth
5. TJ is my heater...he loves it when I put my cold feet on him (hehe:))
6. I am more of a tight-wad when it comes to money
7. TJ can make me laugh, even when I want to be mad
8. We both pee with the door open
9. TJ is horrible at guitar hero and dance, dance revolution (I kick his butt)
10. Having a daughter is so much fun and we love her very much!
TJ and I weren't going to give gifts because we spent a lot on our bikes for the triathlon, but when I got home from school he surprised me with my favorite flowers (4 Gerber daisies=4 years), balloon, and a gift card. This picture is also for my mom...Every year since kindergarten I get my "first day of school" picture taken, so here it is this year mom, haha!
I love him to "INFINITY AND BEYOND!!!" (Toy Story 2 was the first movie we saw together, so that's been our little saying).

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This might be too much information for some, but it's very exciting to us...Sophia went "pee-pee" in her potty for the first time tonight (once again we're just being very casual about it and letting her try it when she wants to for right now) !!! I think it was my going back to school present:) p.s.- For anyone who is following Sophia's "school" time...It was her best day today! Just a little whimper when I left..said "mommy back" throughout the day, but once reassured she continued to play with no tears.