Sunday, November 3, 2013

Start to November

 I'm doing the thankful a day posts on Facebook, which is cheesy but also helps me be reflective at the same time and then got to thinking that my kids need to be thinking of this as well to make Thanksgiving a little more meaningful and help them think of all they have and be grateful for it. Sophia and I made the thankful tree and everyday we will put up a leaf that tells what we are thankful for. Sophia is excited about it and Kenton can't wait to pull a leaf off and do another one tomorrow!
Um, and can I say I'm trying to contain myself of my excitement of things to come...I'm trying to keep myself calm, but tonight the kids and I watched Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas movie while TJ was at a church meeting and I am watching a cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie as I'm typing...EEEKKK!!!! So exciting...I'm trying to hold off on Christmas music, but we will see how long that lasts! Love this time of year, especially the spirit it puts me in and family time:)


Sophia wanted to be a cheerleader this year. I was thinking to myself.."You better enjoy it now because you'll be too tall when you're older, unless you want to be a base and that's no fun, ha!" Anyway, because she was the cheerleader, it would only make sense to have the football player. Kenton doesn't have an opinion yet so he was okay with it.

 We did trunk or treat with our church which is perfect for the kids because it works nicely with their stamina and they still get lots of candy. Kenton had to practice with daddy first.
 After, we went trick or treating at Grandpa and Grandma Uffens house and they got more little treats and trinkets. 

 The dumping out of candy is a must. Sophia remembered doing this last year, so she kept asking, "Are we going to go to grandma's to dump out our candy?"

 This was my favorite because Kenton just dived bombed into his candy! True boy style!
And then Sophia nicely organized hers. 
 This was her final product.
 We actually had an earlier night which was fine by me because I started to feel achy and really tired (2 days later I found out I had strep throat). 
Happy Halloween to all! Bring on November fun next:)

Pumpkin Patch

We originally wanted to go to a more fancy pumpkin patch but then got to thinking about our soccer Saturdays and nice weather and thought a local one would be just fine! It was our Monday off on Columbus day and the sun was shining bright, so it was screaming "PUMPKIN PATCH!" Christine, Lauren, Tyler, and Grandma came with us. 
 I think they are cuter than pumpkins!

 Kenton was the last one to find his pumpkin because he truly searched. He walked up and down and would touch them and I would ask if that's the one he wanted and he would say no and keep searching.
 Sophia found hers quickly!
 And then Kenton found it..perfect size for him!
 Sister was so nice to help him carry it
 Notice I'm even wearing sunglasses..Love that in October
 Kenton had to help dad. I love that he's looking up at him!
And here are the pumpkins carved...
Sophia and Kenton actually scooped and touched the pumpkin goo this year. Sophia designed her pumpkins face and TJ carved it. For Kenton, TJ drew different types of eyes and noses and Kenton pointed to the one he wanted. For the mouth we asked him if he wanted a sad face, scary face, happy face, etc and he said "sad face."
A friend pointed out that their faces matches their pumpkin faces. Didn't even plan that but think it's funny!


Usually TJ is very loud about not liking soccer, so last year when we asked Sophia if she wanted to play she said, "No! Daddy doesn't like it!" This year I told TJ to keep quiet to see if she really wanted to. Soccer sign ups happened and at the very last second Sophia told me she wanted to play. There was 1 spot left on the last team. At the time they didn't have a coach. Sarah, who watches Kenton this year stepped up to coach the team. She also coaches her older daughters team, so we were grateful she was willing!
This is a picture of her first goal she made at her first game!
It looks like the other girl kicked it in, but that was Sophia's goal! She actually scored a lot more than I thought she would during the season. 2 games left.

She did pretty good this year! I think she liked defense the best. There were 6 girls on her team and played 3 on 3. It was fun to watch her face  and pick up speed to be determined to get in front of her opponents. Some games she was more into it than others, but I think that's just how it goes! And out of the whole season, we only had 1 rainy game! PRETTY LUCKY!

First Day of School

Wednesday, September 4th was the first day of school for me, but Sophia didn't have her 1st day until Friday. I am teaching 1st grade this year and I love my class and Miss Sophia is in KINDERGARTEN!  It's still crazy to say that...I can't believe it and what's even better is that we are at the same school! I get to peak in on her and it makes me feel comforted knowing she is near me:) It's also the first day our school has all day Kindergarten which worked out perfect for us:).
The teacher's 1st day outfit. My mom has taken a 1st day picture since I was born and I've kept it up since I'm the teacher now!
She picked out her outfit. She put all her new clothes out and then made piles into maybe, yes, or no. Then she went back to the yes pile and picked accordingly. She wanted to wear her brown boots, but they ended up being too small. Guess she grew over the summer!
 TJ took the morning off on her first day to bring her to school. Of course I made them stop by my class first so I could see her!
I told her to have a great day and that I loved her!
 There she goes...Her first day with Mrs. Janke. Mrs. Janke was my student teacher last year, so that's a fun story to tell. I told her not to feel pressured, haha! Here is the first of many more years to come. So far she is loving it, is in the top of her class, and has been nominated for the "Leader of the Pack" for being Proactive by her teacher and the P.E. teacher. Yay! I hope all that continues.