Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's a...

I don't think we can argue about that, hahaha. I told TJ that we have his first embarrassing picture and he said, "That's not embarrassing!" haha...spoken from a true guy! So proud:)
I absolutely love ultrasounds. It's amazing how there is so much detail in something that's still pretty small. We are truly blessed that all his parts are developing as they should. His favorite position was head down, face down, and was moving all around. He didn't want to show us his face, but we finally made him. I told TJ that he's going to be our mover and our shaker, haha!
So I guess we'll keep this outfit! We are going to go shopping for the outfit we'll bring him home in today (tradition started with Sophia). We are all very excited about having a boy and being able to experience both girl and boy, but it is weird thinking about a boy Sophia. Girl is all we know!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Boy? Girl?

Okay this is for all of you who have requested a preggie picture of me...At work everyone has said, "Wow your belly has popped out this week." For instance another teacher saw me on Monday and was sick Tuesday and Wednesday. She came back on Thursday, saw me and said, "You didn't have that belly on Monday!!"
Here's a more serious one. Another funny story happened today. I was talking with a friend and she made me laugh. For the first time I felt my belly bounce up and down. I thought, "That was a weird feeling that I'm not used to," but I didn't say anything. My friend started laughing and told me she saw my stomach going up and down, haha!
When I told my mom that I was pregnant she went out and bought 2 outfits: 1 boy and 1 girl one. So will we need this one?

Or this one?
That is the question...
Maybe tomorrow we will find out during my ultrasound. I'm not getting my hopes up, but SUPER EXCITED, haha! Healthy is what's most important:)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

End of Summer Fun

Here is some of our end of summer fun...Not much detail, but wanted to get somewhat caught up:
Rainier's Game
with TJ's family, Christine and kids, and Kim and Mark
We got a package deal: hats, pizza, coupons, etc.

Camping...Isn't our cabin cute?
The inside...
More swimming...Sophia was in heaven. She thought this little pool was made just for her:)
On this same trip we enjoyed the beauties of Mount Rainier! We hiked and found SNOW at the top!
Next adventure: Nate's 1/2 Ironman
And he finished! Awesome Job:)
Kitsap County Fair

Sophia's 2 favorite rides were the cars and airplane!
Uncle Caleb's Apartment
We stayed their over Labor Day weekend and bummed on his floor. Sophia loved her sleeping bag from her cousin Tyler.
Woodland Park Zoo
with TJ's family
Sophia and some of her cousins. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Brown for the fun day and the suckers!