Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fashion Fowl

My Dear Sophia:
It's not cute when you're 2 or when you're 50...Just NEVER DO IT!
My mom bought these sandals for Sophia. Yes, they're practical, but not my favorite style. I laughed when my mom showed me, but Sophia loves them because she can put them on herself. We were getting ready to go today and she came out with her the sandal and sock combination. I just started laughing and told her, "We don't wear socks with sandals!" hahaha!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Outside Day

Ethan's school had a 5K fund raiser, so my family signed up to support it!

When I give my students a fluency assessment, I have them read a passage to me for the first time and it is called their "cold" read...never seen it, never practiced. Well, this was my "cold" run for the year. I have been quite the slacker with running lately, so this was a good motivator to get me going again!!! Ethan ran with my dad and I the whole time:)

Here's the group before the race: Tracy, Christine, Dad, Mindy, Nate, and Ethan. My mom was the official babysitter of all the kids (except Ethan of course).

We all finished and got a ribbon and a coupon for a free Emerald Smoothie. After the race, I dragged Tracy, Mom, Lauren, and Sophia to Puyallup to cheer on TJ at his church softball tournament.#16 is my favorite player. Gotta love the baseball booty!

TJ got on base! Oh yeah! He played well, but the team lost 2 in a row. Then they had a 4 hour break and came back to win the championship game!

Today was such a fun day outside and in the sun. I had 2 firsts today for the year...running a 5K and having to put on sunscreen! There will be lots more of that hopefully!!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cute Story

When I dropped Sophia off at preschool this morning she wanted to color with me for a little bit. Ms. Shelby got us some white paper and crayons. We were sitting there coloring when all of a sudden Sophia got up with 2 white crayons in her hand. I asked where she was going and she said, "These not work, I throw away!" How cute! Of course they wouldn't work on white paper! So smart, hahaha. I love how 2 year olds think. So, we got out black paper to show her that they do work and she said, "whoa!" Have I mentioned that I love her?!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Blessed to be a Mom

My Mother's Day was nice...nothing too fancy...pretty quiet, but just what I needed. It seems like it has been go, go, go lately or working on homework for my teaching certificate, so a nice calm day was PERFECT.
I wanted to get a picture with Sophia and I on Mother's Day (of course)! It's going to look like I am very conceded because there are many pictures of Sophia and I, but she was in the posing mood so I went with it! This one is my favorite...

For dinner we went over to my parent's house and the guys were in charge. Usually my brother is there to help, but he was with his in-laws, so it was up to my Dad and TJ. This is a classic picture of what happens when guys cook dinner with the TV on.....hmmmm I wonder what they're focusing on;)
Then Sophia got them back to focusing on what was really important...DINNER! They made shoosh-ka-bobs (phonetic spelling?), fresh fruit, and bread. It was SOOO good!

TJ helped Sophia make my mom and I a "Peek-a boo" craft with her hand print. TJ did this all by himself...I think my craftiness is rubbing off on him and I like it:)

I have been looking for a nice umbrella stroller for awhile and my parents surprised me with one! What was funny is that TJ was going to get me the same thing, but wanted me to look at it before he bought it:) Great minds think alike!

Great day to be reminded how blessed I am to be a MOM!

Mother's Day Tea

Sophia had her "WOMEN THAT WE LOVE" Tea on Saturday. It was such a beautiful day so it was set-up outside!
The Preschoolers practiced a little play and sang lots of songs. Sophia was excited to be the "Purple Poppy" all week, but when it came time for it, she was not to sure. And 5 minutes later the hand went up, then she slowly walked away from the group to sit with me. Later she tried it again sitting on one of her teacher's lap. By the way, this would have been me at her age, better yet I wouldn't of even got up there!
Sophia's guests included Grandma Brown, Nana, and GG. Yup, she's still clingy. I think she knew it was Mother's Day, haha! She was like this ALL weekend:)
Sophia worked hard on presents...She made GG a bead necklace and card and Nana got a picture of Sophia in a picture frame.
And Grandma Brown got a painted pot. What a masterpiece! Although Sophia was not the star of the show, I knew she knew the songs and I was glad to be with her and other wonderful women!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Husky Game at Safeco Field

Saturday was the annual Huskies baseball game at Safeco field. We love it #1 because we get to see Caleb play, #2 it's $5 a ticket and open seating, so we get to sit really close and experience Safeco minus the Mariners. Highlights from the game in no particular order:
1. Being with family...Nate's family, Christine's family, and the majority of TJ's family came. It was fun being surrounded by both sides.
2. Catching free T-shirts
3. Cheering for Caleb (even though he pretended he couldn't hear us).
4. Eating junk food
5. Getting on the big screen with Sophia
6. Watching Caleb autograph baseballs, posters, etc for the kids. Sophia wanted her cheap little blue mitt signed.
7. Watching the kids run around the bases after the game
8. Being decked out in Huskie gear
9. Huskies winning!!!
10. Not having our car broken into like last year:)