Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hello Autumn

Since it's the first day of autumn, it only makes sense to say goodbye to summer. Don't get me wrong, I love my flip flops, fun in the sun, and getting in and out of my car without getting wet, but I am excited for the autumn smells, warm cooked meals (at least I'm going to try), and holiday stuff to come....PUMPKIN, CINNAMON, SPICE, HOT CHOCOLATE, MOVIE NIGHTS, MY CUTE BROWN BOOTS, DECORATING, CRAFTS, ETC! 

My goal was to do something fun everyday this summer, whether big or small and we did just that!

Here is Sophia's summer bucket list and I would have to say we were quite successful:
1.Go to the zoo- Check
2. Water fountain park- Check
3. Swim at Bainbridge pool- Check
4. Go out on a boat- Check
5. Children's museum- Check
6. Sleepover with Nama- Check
7. Build a fort- Check
8. Movie night with sleepover in the family room- Check
9. Play tennis- Check
10. Go tent camping- Check
11. Beach trip- Check
12. Make a bow for Mollie- Check
13. Have lunch with GG at her place- Check
14. Swim in Nama/Papa's pool- Check
15. Play date with cousins at our house- Check
16. Sleepover with cousins- Check
17. Learn to ride a 2 wheel bike- Still in progress

Summer 2012 you have treated us well!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Kitsap Fair

Yes I will admit that we are total fair geeks! We love the fair and do it every year. In the past we have gone multiple days, but this year we decided that we would go 1 day and do everything in 1 shot. We were there from 12pm-11pm (rodeo included) and the kids were total troopers. As a matter of fact, Sophia didn't even want to leave at 11:00pm. She was a riding machine.

When we first got there we met up with Auntie Christine and kids to watch the pig races. Kenton loved them (from afar of course) and kept pointing at them. At the beginning, the announcer asked for 2 adult volunteers and of course TJ and Rob raised their hand in an obnoxious and loud way so they got chosen to be the gate lifter and final finisher judge.

Ride Time: 
All I can say is that my kids are riding fools and I love it! Thank goodness on the good deal of wrist bands because we would have been broke if we had to buy tickets all day.
Kenton doesn't look excited but he would get so mad when he had to get off the slide. We probably did this like 10 times!

Dragon roller coaster. TJ tried to fit in it and it was HILARIOUS. As he was getting on, the ticket lady tried to tell him there was no way he was fitting but he insisted. It reminded me of Tommy Boy, "Fat guy in a little suit!" ha! What was even more funny was that the lady wouldn't let anyone else on until TJ got in because she explained that there was a weight limit and that TJ might max it out! TJ did not fit and I was very much entertained watching the process.
I would barf if I did this ride.
This was Sophia's favorite! She loved the free fall!
Again  I would barf on this ride. Thank goodness for Mindy and the boys.

Sophia wouldn't get cloae to this guy until I showed her he was stuffed. She still didn't want his arm around us!


 Thank you Kitsap County Fair...until next year!