Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kenton's 1st Birthday Party

I used my dad's camera to take pictures at Kenton's birthday party and I finally got them onto my computer! On January 28th we had Kenton's 1st Birthday party:)!

It was at TJ's parent's church auxiliary gym, which is where we did Sophia's 1st birthday party too. Because it was his 1st we wanted to invite all our family and some friends, so therefore we needed space, especially for kids to run around.
The theme was, "Come have a "BALL!" Kenton is in love with balls, so the theme was easy to come up with. Cupcakes are so much easier than cake, so my cricuit and I had some fun. Notice we have all the balls except soccer, hehe (TJ's not a fan). I did make Kenton a 3 layer mini cake in the middle.

Instead of party bags, we gave an outside bouncy ball to all the kids!

1 week before his birthday he started walking so he had to show off his skills.

We had a football toss game,

And blow up bowling,

And mini golf,

And finally, Kenton's favorite...A BALL PIT!

Kenton was in heaven and these balls were thrown in and out of the pit the whole party.

Kenton's cousin Quincy loved it too.

Kenton's favorite is also lasagna so that's what we had for lunch with Caesar salad and garlic bread.

After playing and eating was present time. TJ opened presents with him and kept the pace going so Kenton would not lose interest. I had to go through things afterwards because it happened so fast, haha. He was spoiled like always. Thanks family and friends:)

After presents was CAKE! He wasn't too sure about the candle. We didn't really practice blowing it out before so he just wanted to touch it.

I thought he would totally dive in (I was hoping because Sophia was so clean with hers), but he didn't go too crazy. The top baseball layer was weird to him (texture), so I took it off and that's when he explored a little more.

One of my friend's son was clever and made this talking bubble for him! Isnt' that cute?!:)


Kenton checked out some of his new toys as we cleaned up!

We sure did have a "ball!" Kenton was happy during his whole party and passed out the second he got in the car to go home. Can't believe my baby is 1! This is such a fun and busy stage with lots of exploring! We love our boy!:)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Family, Four, and One Year Old Pictures

On Saturday we had our family pictures taken by the very talented Doranda. Sophia and Kenton both had colds, but I could not pass up the weather. It was beautiful and I love outside pictures! She took a lot, but here are some of my favorites...Enjoy!

Kenton boy= 1 year old

I had to bring a ball because he is crazy about them!

This one cracked me up because he wouldn't hold the sign right in front of him. He either had it on his head or upside down...typical boy!

I know I'm his mama, but look at this heart melts for him!

Sophia = 4 years old!

She loved her picture taken. You can tell here that she's trying to not have squinty eyes, hehe.


Sophia strike a pose...She's a natural poser;)

What can I say...I am blessed to have a hot husband and 2 beautiful kids. I love them so much!