Friday, July 27, 2012

Boat Night

Last night was a super nice night. We were watching our nephew Tyler, so we decided to go throw a couple crabbing pots out. First we tried to launch at Keyport, which has a HUGE drop off (of course on my side...AGAIN)! Let's just say we didn't launch there because it would have ended in a divorce LOL! So, instead we put in at Brownsville, which is SOOOO much better and saved our marriage;). We really didn't know if there was any good spots for crabbing where we were, but we thought we would try anyway. After throwing the pots, we boated to Poulsbo and docked. This was not planned but ended up being a great way to end the night!  
You can't go to Pouslbo without getting a donut from Sluys Bakery. That would just be wrong!!! 
 We also ordered a pizza for some dinner
 I can't say enough how beautiful this night was with lots of beautiful boats. Somewhere to the right within all the big boats, is our little boat.
We have already decided that we have to do this again...boat over, dock, and go to dinner!!!

Pool, Picnics, & Popsicles

This week has been beautiful and we wanted to full advantage of it! I think every day except today we took a lunch to a park, played at the park, went to Nama and Grandpa Uffens house to swim in their 4ft pool, and ate popsicles.  Doesn't get better than that. Summer please don't end!!!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012


We love camping, but it seems like every time we go, we go with other family members (not that that's a bad thing), but this time we wanted to go with some good friends. So we were excited and our plan was to go out to Pacific Beach and camp all weekend. Everything was prepped and ready for food and decided to rain and thunder and lightening Friday morning/afternoon. So we will just say that the weather started us to question if we should go out to the ocean where the weather is usually worse. Our friends decided they didn't want to go, we still debated, and then decided that camping was a MUST, but maybe just not 3 hours away.  So we decided to go out to Scenic Beach (funny because it's only 20 minutes away), put the boat in and go crabbing and clamming. A 20 minute drive was actually nice. Even though we were very close to home, it felt like we were far away, which was perfect!
For those of you who have ever launched a boat out at Seabeck, you know what I mean when I say it's a horrible launch. TJ does a good job putting the boat into the water, but this launch kept kicking us to the right side, which was my side with the DROP OFF!!!! I had my head out the window to watch the trailer and our car. I was watching the Pilot's rear tire get closer and closer to the edge. I tried to stay calm because I knew TJ was concentrating, but I finally had to YELL to have him stop.  We were inches away from our back tire dropping off the ledge. I just couldn't watch anymore. After a little sweating and heart pounding, the boat was in the water! TJ got the pots ready with fish scraps and chicken, which smelled lovely and we threw 4 pots in to stay over night. 
 Before we put the boat in, we set-up camp so when we came back we were ready to have some dinner. Simple dinner called hot dogs! We had some friends stop by to visit for awhile (her parents live in Seabeck, haha), so the kids played at the campsite and then we went to the park.
 Next on the agenda was SMORES! "How can I have some more of something, if I haven't had anything yet!" hehehe Name that movie! Check out my good lookin' fire starter. 
 Family shot by the fire. It definitely would have been fun having friends with us, but I have to admit camping with just our little family was very nice and just what we needed!
 TJ roasts the BEST marshmallows so he made me one, Kenton just wanted the Graham Crackers, and Sophia ate all the SMORE items separately (without the marshmallow roasted). 1 SMORE  is always delicious, but always enough for me. 
TENT TIME!!! We didn't even have air mattresses...oh yes we were roughing it. Kenton had the best spot in his pack-n-play. I love how our tent is big enough for us and more! Kenton thought it was pretty cool being all together, so he had to go tackle Sophia and we had to play a wild game of "Go Fish!" 

 The next morning we were ready to set out and check our pots! Launching the boat was a little better. TJ definitively kept the car to the left this time. Sophia got her crabbing license, so she was excited to see what she got out her pot. I drove the boat around the pot while TJ reached and hooked it. Sophia helped pull in the rope.  She got 3 big keepers and then another 3 out of my pot. Grabbing the crabs was not happening for Sophia and I, so that was TJ's job. Look how feisty they were. 
 We had 1 pot we couldn't find, so as we searched the kids had a snack and hung out on the boat. They were truly troopers:)! 
 We decided to head out to the clamming spot. As we crossed the Hood Canal from the west to the east end, it got choppier and choppier. We were getting sprayed and bounced around. In the middle of all the bouncing, Kenton fell asleep which was pretty crazy. On the front of the boat was a trolling motor and depth finder and I told TJ that it was bouncing, but he said that was normal. Well, minutes later the trolling motor stood straight up and then ripped off the front of the boat and flew under. We heard it hit the bottom of the boat and just hoped that it didn't hit the main motor. Thank goodness it didn't but that trolling motor was worth some money, so that was a bummer. At that point TJ did some evaluating and decided it would be better to turn around because we still had a ways to go (mind you no other boats were around us). On our way back 2 big waves  came over the boat, but luckily the water didn't hit any of us. We had to go fast enough to get over the waves, but not too fast to get slammed.  Sophia started to get a little nervous. We made it back to the launch safely. TJ jumped out with the kids to get the trailer while I held the boat on a rope. I was wearing my rain boots because of the clamming, but they did not do the job. Because the waves were quite choppy, my boots filled up with water, my jeans got soaked up to my knees, and the boat decided to beach itself, so we had to work to get it unstuck. PHEW! WHAT AN ADVENTURE!

And this is what happens when you go crabbing with TJ....never a dull moment!!!!! I will add this to my memorable experiences:)

Monday, July 23, 2012

More Boat Fun

We were lucky enough to be invited out on my good friend's boat, which happens to be Sophia's good preschool buddy as well! We went out on the Hood Canal, which isn't always my favorite because of the jellyfish, but they assured me that they wouldn't sting me, haha. The kids started the afternoon off with jumping in the water off the boat 

Then is was time to do some water sport fun! Tubing was first! Sophia was pumped and ready to go. Of course they didn't go at a super fast speed but I was proud of her for getting out there! First she started to with TJ, then she went out with Jackson. Jackson has never gone out because he was scared, but I think he didn't want a girl to show him up, so he got on and had a blast as well!

Then it was time for some wake-boarding. TJ got up with no problem!

Finally it was my turn to slolem ski. I was nervous because I hadn't done it for 2 years, but I guess it's like riding a bike because I got up my first time...yay! Didn't stay up too long because it was choppy (sorry no picture).  The time on the boat was definitely a blast and brought back lots of memories.....DAD GET YOUR BOAT OUT!!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Nighty Night

The other night I put Sophia to bed and about 5 minutes later she came into my room and told me she was scared. She rarely does that so I put her back into bed and told her I would cuddle her for a little. As we were laying there I asked her why she was scared and she told me that she was afraid that monsters were going to come into her room. Where did she get that? Anyway, we had the whole, monsters aren't real and mommy and daddy's room is right next door talk, but apparently she was not going to chance it. She first started going back to sleep with her arm over my chest, but got too hot. So when she rolled over, I thought "she is asleep and this is my time to sneak out." Well she had other plans. As soon as I budged she grabbed the collar of my shirt like I was held captured. She was not going to let me go! I pretty much fell asleep and enjoyed being her "protector!" I love this girl, scared and all!


Thursday, July 12, 2012

 My roommate from college, Maryann or as I call her "Homer" is here visiting her dad. He lives on Lake Tapps, so another friend, Malyn and I went to spend the day on the lake with all the kiddos.
 The life jackets were on the whole time, especially for Kenton because he has no fear!

SPLASH! Sophia loved jumping off the dock and literally swam the whole time we were there, except when she was in the boat!
These 2 played SOOO good with each other...They were quite the little fish:)
Check out these adorable baby girls! They are about 1 month apart. I  was definitely not jealous of their mommas having to keep them in the  shade though. Don't get me wrong, I love me some babies, but I'm glad mine is up and ready to play!
After some playing in the water, it was time for a boat ride.
I love these two girls! I am so blessed to have them as friends!
Sophia had the best seat, or at least my favorite spot on a boat.
Kenton absolutely loved the boat ride. He was all about looking out and exploring in the boat. 
But he finally passed out on the way back. Boats seem to do that to kids. Talk about the life....boat ride in the sun, with a sleeping baby on me...ahhhhh felt good!
We had so much fun! It was a full day in the sun with great company. Who could ask for more?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Mr. Kenton Boy got a new car-seat, so we decided to flip him around in the car. I know I'm supposed to wait until 2 years, but I thought I was good making it to 18 months. Now he is a lot more chatty in the car, pointing to things he sees and when he throws his binky, it usually flies up to me driving! 

Ewwwww! Notice how Tyler thinks that is so funny!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!
It's something about the 4th that makes me want to get festive with my nails and sport the red, white, and blue with my clothes. 
We spent this 4th of July out in Port Orchard with my brother's family and the rest of my family. Mr. Ethan, our nephew turned 10, so we started the festivities with a b-day lunch/party for him.
The weather was absolutely amazing ,so playing outside was definitely a must!  
My mom found Kenton's shirt that said, "Mr. Independent" which is very true these days.
And here is Miss Sophia sporting her red, white, and blue attire. 

Early evening we headed over to Mindy's families  to have a BBQ. We did not know too many people so we entertained ourselves while waiting for it to get dark. It felt like it took a long time, so we played lots. Sophia had fun doing "Pop-Its" and TJ and I played some catch, football, and bad-mitten. We must be fun because we had all the kids hanging around us, haha!
We got our spot on the grass for the firework show and Kenton decided he had to tackle Daddy.  The show was awesome for an at home show!!!!
Before the questions/comments start about this picture I will answer them first. Yes, Kenton is TJ's son...Yes we have his and hers kids, No we do not segregate just because the whites are together and the browns are together, Yes, I love how opposite my kids are, and Yes we love each other!!!