Monday, December 31, 2012

The Rest of Christmas Day

After our morning at our house we headed over to my parent's house. Christmas morning at my parent's is a personal favorite. I loved it when I was a kid (still do) and I love seeing my kids love it too. We got quite spoiled! 
Checking out her stocking
Taking care of her twin babies
This picture cracks me up because Ethan, Nolan, and I all got Kindle Fire HD's so we were playing on those, Lauren got an IPOD touch, and TJ got new head phones, so this is what these two looked like all day. TJ took his headphones off at one point and I said that I didn't recognize him!

We went to visit Nana and family in the afternoon and then back to my parent's house for dinner and dessert. When we got back home Sophia and Kenton had to try out the skates we got them. These have been quite the hit!

 WHOA!!!!!!!!! hahaha

TJ and I put the kids to bed and went back down to our family room where we placed our gifts and we both got quite emotional looking at every thing we got from our families. We had a very humbling experience and just felt so lucky and grateful to have the things we have and for the things our kids get to enjoy!!!

Thank you GG and GGPA

This post is for GG and GGPA who are out of town. We want to say a big thank you for Sophia and Kenton's gifts...THEY LOVE THEM!!!
  I caught this moment perfectly...She was cheering and saying, "These are the games I wanted!!!!" (in a high and excited voice).
Kenton had to use his new tools to help put it together:)

Christmas Morning

TJ even got a toy to play with...

Christmas Eve at the Brown's

TJ's parents do not always feel that decorating for Christmas is a big deal, so I herass them every year, but this year they did a wonderful job. I had to take pictures to document this occasion, hehe. Look Cindy even wrapped pictures like presents for wall decorations...seriously, this is a big deal;)
 We went over to the Brown's a little early to help with dinner so my kids did a little dancing and wrestling to pass the time!
 Then the cousins showed up! It is so nice that Sophia has cousin's to play with. Can you tell they like each other?
All the Brown grand kids  We've got Quincy, Jackson, Avery, Miles, Sophia, Kenton, Jayden, and Mollie!  A good lookin' bunch of kids.
Here we tried for a group picture, but we are missing Caleb....darn it! Have to photo shop him in.
The cousins pulled names to buy gifts. Quincy was adorable and was so excited to give Kenton his present!!!
Jackson had Sophia's name.
Thank you Aunt Lisa...She gave Sophia a Hello Kitty mini sofa and Kenton some transformers. Just lounging back!
Kenton really got into opening presents which was very fun. He opened these shoes from G-ma/pa Brown and had to put them on and wouldn't take them off:)
Caleb had TJ's name and got him a Bo Jackson's jersey. Can you tell he's a happy boy!
And his baseball number!
 When we got home we had to put out cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. Kenton was already passed out from the car ride home but we had to have a picture.
And off to bed they went so Santa could come!

Sophia's Xmas Dress

This was our X-mas Card Picture (thanks Aunt Sarah for having a beautiful house for our background, hehe).
 Sophia picked out a beautiful X-mas dress and it was even better because it was only $14.99 at Ross and the only one in her size (Nama and her spotted it). Poor Kenton didn't get anything new. He had a red and black sweater vest already with a red, grey, and black collared shirt, so that's what he wore. He looked adorable too. I wanted pictures of them together, but he went down for a nap after church, so Sophia got solo pictures. Enjoy all her poses;)
I just love this girl! (She is getting too big, too fast...tear!)

Xmas Cookies

We went to my parent's house to help make X-mas cookies and of course my kids were extremely helpful! We were all covered in flour! The gingerbread men/women are my favorite:)
Little hands at work
 Then the next day we went to help frost and decorate the sugar cookies. Kenton frosted his cookie, took a bite of his cookie, frosted his cookie, took a bite of his cookie.....and it went like that till it was gone and then he was done! 

 Miss Sophia had a bit more stamina! She stayed frosting till we were all done. She had quite the beautiful cookies with lots of frosting and sprinkles of all kinds:)
  Before we left my mom gave us our X-mas jammies. Can I tell you that I still love that she does that!!! She always finds the cutest ones and makes sure mine are long enough for me...Love her! These were Kenton's and perfect because he likes Santa (not in person though) and when asked what he says, he would say, "Ho!" only once in a low growly voice.
 Sophia got a fleece night gown with leggings that had reindeer, Santa,  and trees on it. She loved that it was a night gown. Tyler and her had to show theirs off.
And here is Kenton trying to do the same thing as the big kids but of course he laid on his..goof ball!
Thanks Nama for the jammies:)