Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Aquarium and Luau!

It was raining this morning, but we all really wanted to do something so we went to the aquarium.

Sophia loved looking at all the fish in the water. After I started pointing, she continued to point as we walked through and the tanks.
I named this fish Pinnochio. They say that your ears and nose never stop growing, I guess it's the same for fish. This fish was actually called the whitehorded unicorn fish.

After the aquarium we all went to a Luau (except Grandpa because he stayed back to babysit Mollie, Jackson, and Sophia...brave man). The sunset was beautiful and it was nice to have a hubby and me night.
This was a first for us to have to wear a poncho at a Luau. Thank goodness for the complimentary ponchos because it started pouring. We were all cracking up and the rain made the Luau a bit more exciting. Don't we look great?!

We came home and Grandpa had everything under control. All the babies were sleeping. I guess Sophia had been crying the whole time we were gone so finally she gave in and conked out. This picture is truly PRICELESS!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Beach Bums

Our morning started at 1:30am when Sophia woke up super hot, crying, and couldn't go back to sleep. The past couple days she has had a runny nose and cough and has been extremely whiny, so we knew something was up. After trying to sooth her for a hour or so, we decided to take a drive to the ER in Maui. It was a lovely 45 minute drive, but well worth it in the end. She ended up having a fever, so the doctor gave her some drugs (thank goodness). We got home at 5:00am and we all crashed till 9am. Sophia was a much happier girl for the rest of the day all drugged up. We spent the rest of the day at the beach!
We went to Flemming Beach to catch some bigger waves...Boogie boarding was so fun...Look at that form, haha.
We ended the day with a beautiful sunset.

Fun Day in the Sun

Today we spent most our day playing in the ocean. Sophia had fun walking into the water. I think we walked the whole beach. She did not want to stop or sit in the sand.
Leaving our footprints in the sand...
We saw our first gecko at a mexican resteraunt. We were eating outside and looked up and there were 3 hanging out. Jayden (nephew) or as we call him,"Steve Irwin" told us all about the geckos.

Here's the gang eating some dinner. This was the first night we went out, so that was kinda fun!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day 5

It actually has been pretty rainy the past few days, but with rain comes pretty rainbows. The rain has not stopped us from swimming. This picture was taken from the pool.
We found this perfect beach for the little kids. As you can see the coral seperates rough waves and a nice shallow pool of water.

Sophia loved splashing around the water and...
licking her hands. YUM...SALT! Today Sophia got used to the sand and ocean. Thank goodness! It would have been a long trip if she cried everytime we got close to the ocean. Who needs crackers for snack...we have sand and salt water!!! Can't wait to see that diaper, haha!

Friday, December 26, 2008

4th Day in Maui

We are ready for flip pretty!!!
TJ and his brothers made plans to golf, so the girls, Hollie (sister-n-law), Cindy (mother-n-law), and I decided to have a girls day. We had to have pretty toes with all our flip flop wearing. Although our girls day was a success, the boys golfing did not turn out so great. They made reservations, but when they got there the coarse was closed due to "inclimate weather." They started laughing because that "inclimate weather" is nothing compared to Washington.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

It definately doesn't feel like Christmas being in Hawaii, but how can I complain! Sophia is not a huge fan of the ocean (YET). More to come in our days on the island...
We got to Hawaii late on the 23rd. Sophia did great on the plane. The last hour we were entertaining quite a bit because she was done by then (me too). We went down to the ocean in the morning and we were greeted by a turtle! TJ and Jayden almost stepped on him because they thought it was a rock.