Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Day

The night before Easter we had a lesson on the true reason we celebrate Easter. My sis-n-law had a great kid movie that showed/explained the resurrection, which engaged Sophia and prompted her to ask questions! I love how she is trying to understand everything.

Now on to the Easter bunny stuff...Sophia woke up at 7:30 and came into my room. The first thing she said was, "Can we go down stairs to see if the Easter Bunny ate all the carrots?" And sure enough he did, except for some nibbles!

The Easter Bunny got Sophia Tangled and some other goodies and he almost forgot that I had another kid, hahaha. Notice the 1 toy in his basket (I know Kenton isn't aware, but Sophia would have wondered why he didn't get anything)!
This was Kenton being part of the Easter egg hunt at our house. The Easter Bunny hid an egg on his swing:)

Nama and Grandpa's House:

It's tradition in the morning to gather on my parent's bed and wait to see what the Easter bunny brought. It's so fun to experience "firsts" with Kenton. His first time on the bed! Doesn't he look so excited?!

Now the famous hallway picture. Sophia and Tyler are in the ready position and Kenton wanted a ride. Ready, set, go and they all ran down the hallway!

My family grew up with macrame (sp?) baskets and my mom made Kenton, Sophia, and TJ one this year to match! Grandma and Grandpa spoiled us once again.

All of our baskets with our loot. Notice Sophia checked hers out immediately! I think my mom is suggesting we get to work in our yard with the gardening stuff, ha! It needs it bad though!

We had an Easter egg hunt at my parents house too. They hide real eggs and the kids found all 36 eggs. We always put our names on 1 egg, so here is Sophia's egg.

And Kenton's egg

Once again...A very cute bunny!

After church we headed over to TJ's brother's house to celebrate with his Nana and family. It was nice to see everyone and eat yummy food. I had to get some pictures of our outfits. Our family one is at the top of our blog. Here are my boys with their matching ties. I love making ties because it's one thing I can sew all by myself:)

Sophia wanted to hold brother standing up...yah I couldn't let go all the way yet...

Isn't she lovely? She picked out the dress with her daddy and did a great job:)

We had a wonderful Easter with family and friends. I am very blessed to know that Jesus died on the cross for my sins and that he was resurrected so that one day I can live with him again.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Pre-Easter Events

Ms. Shelby, Sophia's preschool teacher invited Sophia to come to their Easter egg hunt (Sophia isn't going there now since I'm on maternity leave). Each kid had a partner and Jackson was buddied up with Sophia. They held hands and waited for Ms. Shelby to say, "GO!" She was tricking them by saying, "Ready set...Bananas!" Once "GO" was said, they were off. Sophia was trying to follow the directions of staying with her buddy, but Jackson was off and running, so Sophia started crying. I explained that it was okay to let go of hands and find eggs. What can I say, she's a rule least at school, ha! She got over it real quick.

And she's off to find 12 eggs!
Checkin out their loot

After the hunt was play time!

Red light, Green light Easter bunny style

Next was EGG-STRAVAGANZA on Saturday on the base. And can I tell you that I loved, loved how nice it was! I didn't want the day to end! I even put a sun hat on my little white boy and he was adorable!

They had a table where kids could get a small Easter basket and fill it with all sort of goodies.

Check out how many eggs! Thank goodness the egg hunts were organized by age group, but it was still crazy. It was the parents who I wanted to attack because they were pushy, so I told TJ to take her on the hunt because I might take somebody out, ha!

Waiting for her time to go! And once was so nice that we wore SUNGLASSES! It's the small things that excite me:)

Phew! She made it out alive! I think she was proud of the what she got.

Here is something she picked out at the table! Cutest bunny ever!

Next was... EGG DYING! Of course she dyed her eggs pink and purple.

She was the first one at the table ready to dye and the last one to leave.

Lots of fun...Ready for Easter!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Best

We all know TJ loves to get dressed up for church and I have to admit, he always looks good, so Kenton will have no choice but to look good on Sundays too. This is one of my favorite outfits Kenton got (thank you Aunt Sarah).

My little preppy boy!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Gotta Love Girls

I walked upstairs and look what I found...


Friday, April 8, 2011


Sophia is in swim lessons! She has them twice a week for a half hour. We talked a lot about it so she knew what to expect, but I got a little worried when there was a boy screaming in her class. I was thinking, "GET THAT FREAKIN' BOY OUT OF THERE!" I didn't want Sophia to get nervous because of him. She had a nervous face for a couple minutes, but she pulled through...PHEW. She did everything her teacher asked! TJ and I were so proud. He turned to me and said, "This is why I'm a parent..for moments like these!"

SHE DID IT! Proud and cold girl after her lessons. Lesson #2 she went under the water and handled it good. She has been on a swim high all week. She woke up this morning asking if she had swim lessons. I told her no and she was bummed. I think we have a fish in the making...THAT'S MY GIRL!

P.S. We got her a "Speedo" swim suit and a towel robe to get her excited too. I think it worked.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

2 Months Old

Our baby is 2 months old!

Kenton is starting to:

SMILE when played with

(he likes head shoulders knees and toes and clapping his hands together)

He is starting to Talk/Babble
Sister is also becoming quite the mommy. She loves to hold him. Kenton started fussing, so she asked me to give her his binky. She put it in his mouth and starting rocking and singing to him. And guess what? He stopped fussing. She is good!
His hair is brown and strawberry blonde and has big curls. And is eyes are still BLUE! Both his hair and eye color can still change, but I hope not.
He is starting to fill out and get little leg rolls
He is starting to cheer for the Huskies and wearing 3 and 3-6 month clothes
He is starting to bear weight on his legs. He stands up really straight and good when I'm trying to burp him. Notice the little man jammies he's wearing too...
Sister had to jump in on the picture. I bet he will be taller than her one day...
Other things he loves and not pictured are:

- His mommy (momma's boy all the way right now)

- Zantac medicine for his acid reflex

(ok..he hates taking it, but we love how it helps his tummy).

- His pillow in his bed that slants him up. He is sleeping anywhere between 3-7 hour stretches at night, which is WAY more do-able than the 20 minutes he used to do.

- Being swaddled at night time

- And eating

Other things he hates and not pictured are:

- His car seat and car rides

- Big burps

- His car seat and car rides (yes I mentioned this twice because he REALLY hates it)

- Being held high and then put down quickly (he still startles a lot)


"Jump, jump, Daddy Mac will make ya, jump, jump, Chris Cross will make ya, jump, jump!" Sorry I couldn't resist myself. "JUMP" is a place in Gig Harbor for kids. It is small and has 4 different bounce houses and slides and we got to go with Christine and kids.

Here's a little bit about it:

-$7 for 1st kid, $5 for each additional kids

- 2 and under and parents are free (parents are allowed to jump with kids)

- You can call for reservations because they only let so many in

- It runs every 2 hours because they clean it in between sessions (thank you!)

- You can bring your lunch and there is a room with tables to eat it in

Sophia's favorite was the slide. I recommend long sleeves because we both got burns on our elbows! Yes, I enjoyed it too!
This was the highlight. This shot was taken right before Sophia and Christine flew over the bumper and fell smack on the mat. Christine did a good job protecting Sophia and I couldn't stop laughing!!!!!
This was one of the bounce houses that had things to crawl up on and through
It was fun to do something new and not have to pay a million dollars to do it! Check it out!