Friday, January 18, 2013

1st Basketball Game

Miss Sophia had her first basketball game tonight. She is #51 (she picked it because it has a 5 in it and she's 5).
Kenton couldn't be left out and needed to pose with Yah-Yah too!
Notice her "cheetah" stance is a little unsure at the beginning of the game. They have colored bands they wear so they know who to guard (THANK GOODNESS!). You know how there is always 1 kid who shoots in the wrong hoop...well this game, it was my kid! haha. It was so funny...the boy she was guarding got the ball and then handed it to Sophia while she was on defense. Her initial response was to just throw it up towards the basket, haha! She didn't make it, but it was pretty funny!
 And as she got a little more comfortable the "cheetah" got down lower.
 And she takes the shot...Looks good...
 Not quite, but look at the air she got;) I am just proud of her for trying...Towards the end of the game, the team and coach were really sweet because they would pass the ball to Sophia to give her a chance to shoot and make a basket. She makes some in practice, but still is practicing getting it up there!
 Again, this is another example of how much Sophia is gaining more confidence in things outside her comfort bubble. She was out there, made mistakes, and kept a good attitude about it. She smiled the whole game, which I am happy about.
2,4,6,8, who do we appreciate....WARTHOGS!!! Don't you love their team name?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sophia's Drive-in Party

Sophia wanted to have a "drive-in movie" 5th birthday party this year and featured "Ice Age, Continental Drift!" This party was so easy because they came at 7pm, they decorated their cars, used tickets to buy snacks at the concession stand, watched a movie in their car, well half a movie (then played), slept, ate breakfast, played a little, and then left. We had 7 kids at our house. She invited Tyler, Jackson, Kendall, Miles, Jackson B., Mollie, Kenton, and Nolan (but he couldn't come). 
The Concession Stand
Decorating their cars
Watch out 5 year old on the road!
Present Time
I had to post this picture because I love it how at every kid party, all the kids creep closer and closer to the person opening the presents. Where did Sophia go?
She's ready for her snacks! Waiting in line...
In their cars and ready for the movie!
Nighty night! They slept till 7:40am...thank goodness:)
Candle in her french toast! She woke up to her actual birthday!
 The drive-in party was a success! My baby girl is 5 (just got the chills typing that..tear!)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Years!

Normally TJ and I want to do something fun on New Year's Eve, but for some reason we both didn't really feel like it this year. We were okay with just hanging out at home. It worked out because Sophia got the stomach bug the night before and then we were able to have the missionaries from our church over to hang out with us. They aren't allowed to stay out till midnight because of safety so we all celebrated New York's New Year's Eve at 9:00pm.  We were quite wild with party hats/crowns, noise makers, sparklers, fireworks, pop-its, sparkling cider, munchy snacks, and games.
Here's the group
Sophia and I are ready for some sparkler fun!
Ready for the fireworks
 Pop-it War
3,2,1 Happy New Year (at 9:00pm)
Sophia had some pop-it time too!
 Of course TJ and I stayed up till midnight, but all in all we had a very fun, low key night! The next day, on New Years Day TJ, Sophia, and I talked about New Year goals. I am not one to make a big deal about New Year's Resolutions, but this year we all wrote some goals down as fo-pa (sp?) as that sounds. Sophia did a really good job coming up with goals for herself with out any help. Here are
Sophia's goal:
1.Practice hitting to the outfield (in t-ball)
2. Brush her teeth
3. Stop sucking thumb
4. Learn to ride a 2 wheel bike
5. Practice math
6. Help friends.

Our goals are all typed up and placed where we can visually see them daily. Here goes nothing and hoping for a happy, healthy, and successful 2013!