Friday, January 2, 2009


We spent our day in Lahaina favorite.

Here is the famous Banyan tree. This tree is huge and sprouts out a ton of different directions. Here we are posing on a branch
The group ate lunch at "Cheese Burger in Paradise" We sat in the top of the restaurant looking out over the ocean. The burgers are huge and TJ got a burger squared (too big)..yes he got harassed by his brothers! There were so many of us they split us in two tables. Table 1...
Table 2...

Caleb got a souvenir pineapple cup...isn't it cute?!
Sophia is a true Hawaiian girl...loves fresh pineapple!
Cheeseburger in Paradise has fun decorations.

Black Rock

This was 2 days ago on New Year's Eve! Caleb, Anna, Hollie, Kevin, TJ, and I were the only ones who made it till 12:00am to bring in 2009. I had everyone try a tradition of mine. When I lived in Spain they stroke a dong for the last 12 seconds and everyone had 12 grapes. The goal was to have all 12 grapes chewed and swallowed by 12:00am so that you have good luck for the new year! Caleb was the only one that did it. Everyone else was laughing too hard!

This is BLACK ROCK at Ka'anapali. There are two levels to jump off of. The very top is probably about 20-25 feet. Jayden jumped off the lower lever (it only took 10 minutes of convincing) and everyone else jumped off the top level (except Hollie...there was no talking her into it). I loved the classic "pencil" jump, but Caleb had to try a dive (CRAZY)!
Ka'anapali's beach was really nice (a little more crowded though) and some very interesting bathsuits...we'll just say thongs, haha. We got there in the morning and stayed 5 hours. It was a really hot today and I got my first sunburn. Sophia and I loved floating in the water and could have stayed there all day! We left to go eat dinner, but came back to Ka'anapali to go shopping.
Playin' on the beach with uncle Zac and dadda.
Walking back to the car (it was a LONG, HOT walk) Sophia had the best seat. She had too much sun and fun at the beach and finally passed out.

We brought in the New Year with a barbeque. TJ's uncle Jerry prepared everything and it was delish. Sophia ate hamburger with catsup (like every kid) and loves all the fruit (except papaya).