Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sophia is 6

Sophia had a couple ideas for her birthday party this year, which she came up with all on her own, but this one was the winner. This idea was inspired by "BLUEBERRY" frozen yogurt place and was so easy for me to put together.

 She invited Miles, Mollie, Jackson, Quincy, Averie, Tyler, Jackson, and Kendall. We played a couple ice cream games.  Here is "catch the scoop on the cone."
 Then we played "pin the cherry on the sundae" and then they threw darts and tried to pop the balloons on the sundae (no picture of that game).
 Then it was ice cream time. We had toppings galore...gummy bears, nerds, captain crunch cereal, m&ms, reeses, chocolate chips, cherries, oreos, all types of sauces, and more

Sophia is 6 and that's hard to believe. She is learning so much and it's fun to be a part of.

 Here is her 6 year old interview with me:
1. What is your favorite color?  Hot pink
2. What is your favorite food?  Lasagna
3. What is your favorite toy?  My stuffed animals
4. What do you like to do outside?  Play in the snow
5. What is your favorite sport?  Baseball
6. Who is your best friend? Tyler and Jackson Bergdahl
7. What is your favorite song?  Families Can Be Together Forever
8. What are you scared of?  Dogs
9. Favorite Movie?  Strawberry Shortcake
10. What do you want to get better at?  Playing basketball
11. What do you want to be when you grow up?  An artist or waitress

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