Sunday, February 9, 2014

I Promise: Last post on birthdays

We do monthly birthday dinners at my parents house and there are 3 birthdays to celebrate in my family, 2 of which are mine (sorry Mindy). So they each got more presents to open. So spoiled and blessed!
When the kids turn 3, my mom always gives them an "Over night" theme present: little suitcase, sleeping bag, big blanket. She made Kenton a Thomas blanket and pillow and it has been on his bed ever since.
Yay more clothes! I swear she grows so fast and so often, so I love it when she gets clothes!!!
Who says you can't do a pinata in January! My parents have a loft up above which is perfect for pinatas!
Dig in!
This year wasn't cake, it was yummy bakery donuts! Donuts are one of Mindy's favorite.

We then celebrated both kids at Red Robin:
They have to use their free burger coupon!!! My parents, mother-n-law, and the Bergdahl family joined us after Sophia and Jackson's bball game for a late dinner!
Sophia covered her ears (She would have cried a couple years ago, haha and Kenton was shy and laid his head on the table while they sang.
But he was all about the ice cream!

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