Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas with the Browns

We usually do Christmas Eve with TJ's family, but this year we celebrated together on Sunday. We had dinner, play time, gift exchange (cousins pull names and then all the adults do too), and then games. It was a fun night!
The girl table
The boy table

 Wrestle time with Uncle Zac
 And Uncle Caleb couldn't stay out of it
 Gift exchange: Mollie had Sophia, Kenton had Miles, Miles had Kenton, Jackson had Mollie, Averie had Jackson, Quincy had Averie and Sophia had Quincy.
 Here's their loot:
 Then...We all went over to GG and GGpa's house for the big surprise. They got them ALL new bikes. Talk about being spoiled, holy cow. They were in heaven and immediately rode them around the driveway.  GG was not feeling well, so I felt bad that the kids couldn't give her a hug.
Kenton got on Averie's bike at first because it's like the one he already has. He didn't care about he pink, ha!

 This was a great night to start the Christmas festivities with family! Love you Brown's and GG and GGpa. We are blessed to have you as family:)!

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